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Out of the need for good workmanship and the spirit of teamwork, I deem it important to inform the rank and file and all the colleagues of this organization about the creation of new email policies. This follows the realization by the management of the organization, concerning the importance of communicating through email in an intra-organizational extent. Among many values, the spontaneity, cost effectiveness and speed that comes with communicating through the email (policy).

To this effect, it is important to note that the organization, especially at the departmental level will be being used for communicating. Modalities have already been set to allow employees to access email addresses of the rank and file of this organization. To set the trend for the development, it behooves me to inform all employees that to access my email address, all that is to be done is to approach their immediate mangers or supervisors who already have the green light concerning the same.

The case applies to both long term employees and new colleagues, since the organization's management believes in uniformity and objectivity in the pursuit and ratification of organizational goals. It would therefore be important that the rank and file of this organization make known, their email addresses to their bosses. Modalities will be set to limit accessibility to other websites and online social networks such as FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube or MySpace only during office hours.  This is to ensure optimal productivity in the organization so that we can as a team, realize the consummation of our goals and objectives.          

Several reasons necessitated the emphasis on the newly-set principles divulged on above.  The need to curtail additional expenditures incurred in the use of facsimile, telephones and internal memos rein supreme as the need to create room for more savings can now not be sidestepped. It is against this backdrop that the management of organization deemed it important that emails be used as recourse to the conventional but expensive means of communication.  

Being in full grasp of the lure of distraction that accessibility to the Internet and online social networks poses, the need for the drawing out of guidelines on the use of the Internet and email. Though this will be seen by employees as the flipside of this new development, the organization must be strict on the unsanctioned use of email and Internet facilities for private, non organizational ends, during lunchtime for organizational goals to be met.

The objective in the above case was to inform and exhort employees towards positive change. It is because of this need that I resorted to Campanizzi's (2005) recommendations that in the need to communicate the organizational change, it is important that total identification with each other be forged, so that noun locatives or pronouns such as "we," "our" and "us" are used in lieu of "I", "you" and "he".  

Jerz's (2005) and Christinsen's (2009) recommendation has also been followed in the composing of the email on the need to be kind and to steer clear of inflammation.  A look at the email's contents brings out the image of one who communicates to his lieutenants as colleagues, team and partners who are pulling together towards the realization of a common goal- the organization's continuity and welfare.

Routine and Goodwill Emails . Custom Routine and Goodwill Emails Essay Writing Service || Routine and Goodwill Emails Essay samples, help

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