Apple and Steve Jobs

In 1976 Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and their friend Wozniak and founded the Apple company with financial backing from a retired engineer. After successfully assembled and marketing their first computer their company began to rapidly expand that by 1978 they were looking for an experienced CEO to run their operations. Their company introduced their first commercially successful small personal computer the Macintosh in 1984 (Crossan and Lane 2011).Steve jobs was an aggressive and charismatic director at the company but was often described by his employees as a temperamental and erratic manager. In 1985 after poor sale in the company and a disagreement with the then apple CEO John Sculley he was forced to leave apple.

Steve left the Macintosh division that he was heading in the company to found the NeXT Computers Company. His new venture was technologically advanced in soft ware development and successfully invented new products such as the Next STEP/Intel and the Next mail he also bought a computer graphics company and renamed it the Pixar graphics which successfully made animated movies such as the toy story that enjoyed commercial success. The company was later bought by the Disney Corporation in a deal which saw Steve jobs become the biggest single shareholder at the Walt Disney Corporation with seven percent of their stock. In 1996 the apple company bought out the NeXT Computers marking the return of Steve Jobs as the CEO at apples by then the company was recording losses (Crossan and Lane 2011).

After his return apple started innovating new products that were commercially successful and returned the apple to profitability and as the leading company in the industry. The new turn around in apple has been was credited to Steve Jobs management style that encourages employees to be risk averse in product development. This factor has motivated the company's employees to be innovative in product development which has seen apple leading in new products innovations and commercial success.



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