Four Basic Dimensions of the DSI Model


Managers who posse this style usually have a low tolerance for vagueness and tend to be task oriented. Usually, individuals with this style are despotic with increased need for power (310). They are characteristically known for speed and result because they use little information and view little alternatives (310). Structure tend to be favored by directive managers within their environment, and to want provide information orally. They usually have the drive needed to manage or lead other. They have also required security and status (310).


Manager having analytical style tend to have an increased patience for ambiguity in contrast to managers with a directive style and their techniques are highly cognitively multifaceted (310). They need a lot of information preferably in written format and put numerous options into consideration. They have a technical direction and a despotic bent just like directive managers (311). They like diversity and challenge but stress control. They tend to be inventive and good conceptual or logical deductive reasoning (311).


Conceptual managers tend to be attainment oriented and believe in trust and openness in connection to the subordinates since they have both high cognitive intricacy and a focus on individuals (312). They usually apply large amount of data and discover numerous alternatives in decisions making (312). They are very creative in their solutions and picture multifaceted relationships. They value praise, gratitude and independence (312).


Managers with these skills are lower on the cognitive intricacy scale, though they have deep concern for the organization and for the people's development (312). Behavioral managers have high needs of acceptance although they are very obliging of others, showing them warmth and sympathetic. They are delight in counseling others (312). They prefer application of influence other than direction, and tend toward loose control. They need relatively little data and don't prefer non-verbal communication to written reports. They place focal point on very short or medium-range problems (312).



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