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Project Management

SH Community Soccer Facility

Develop an evaluation matrix for potential construction contractors

The Matrix includes the: Program Outcomes, Task to achieve the outcomes, and Assessment strategies to measure the outcomes. For the SH community soccer facility there are priorities that must be first attended to so as to ensure others run smoothly. Firstly is the renovation of the field where the field must be kept in the best condition. There will also be new supply of games kit and equipment that will aid the community practice and play effectively. There will also be recruitment of new members who will add to the community a new lease of life. Participation in community development through organizing community work will also be a priority to help bring impact to the society and change lives.

Short time to accomplish Low cost involved Better benefits Management support Field renovations 5 1 1 3 Equipment and kits provisions 2 1 3 4 New members recruitment 5 3 4 1 Community support 3 1 1 1


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Rank 1 = highest and rank 5 = lowest.

Identify 3 sections for evaluation

First is the to identify major issues and monitoring questions, and develop specific measures

Second is to identify main participants.

Thirdly is to assess benefits and costs.

5-10 evaluation criteria

Stage one is the inception, Stage two is the institutional setup, stage three scoping and design, stage four planning, stage five is the implementation, stage six is communication and outreach, and stage seven is the evaluation.

Develop a weighting scale

The project will make sure all the plans are implemented in time and effectively especially those that ensure efficient running of the SH community soccer facility. Plans of renovations and upgrade of the field and the provision of equipment will be high valued while other are implemented later.

Criteria Weight Management The ability to help community 50% 90 The ability to manage time 25% 90 Strong communication skills 15% 80 Good decision making skills 10% 90 Weighted scores 100% 87.5 Develop an evaluation scale

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For the field the quality of the renovated field will be the most important aspect, quality and availability of equipment will also be an important evaluation scale. The satisfaction in the community will also be evaluated since it must impact on the society.

Make up scores for 3 potential vendors

Quality must play an important factor in all vending; customer relationship management should also be taken into consideration where effective customer satisfaction must be practiced. The product lifecycle management is developed through ideation and proper requirement management.

Assignment # 8

Develop a go live checklist

Proper equipment and quality services are the driving force in the community soccer facility. Its contribution to the community is a major objective since it must aim to change the society and leave it at a better position through tackling uncouth behavior. The checklist will include quality facilities i.e. field, equipment, and motivated players. Above all the major activities and contribution to the community will be lined up. If the project is successful the community will recognize the impacts and the PM Company will be rewarded through financial and recognition.

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Step Time/duration Completion Project contractor Field renovations 9 weeks prior Equipment and games kit provision s 3 weeks prior Community development projects 7 days prior

New members recruitment 5 days prior Initiation of the soccer project 1 week prior

Mini Case Study

In order to centralize vendor management to streamline expenses and maximize license utilization the company requires a huge sum of financing which will be the first challenge. Others include;

Maintaining the market potential

Balancing the costs so that they remain economical

To be able to source reliable components repeatedly,

To have a balance of payment of the many countries balanced

This project requires to be approached through first streamlining the expenses where all the software licenses are reviewed and their legality. The performance of each the software should be reviewed with the software that has contributed to more sales being reintroduced and redeveloped to be more customer friendly.

Mini Case Study

The major issue in the Y2K project is the lack of planning, monitoring and evaluation. The management has failed in the implementation of the plan with the necessary steps being followed up. The company has to be very vigilant in the implantation process where all what is agreed is implemented timely. Monitoring and evaluation must also be involved to ensure the contract implemented is done effectively and efficiently.

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PM - Real World Case Study

The government agency fails in planning where planning is not comprehensive to accommodate all the issues at hand. There need to be reconnaissance before planning which need to establish the costs, time frame, and whatever is required to accomplish the project. The disagreement between departments can be solved through effective planning that eliminates conflicts of interests and progresses harmony. Effective planning is the solution to this project woe.

PM - Real World Case Study

The simple project management methodology includes a business assessment, analysis, design, and implementation, testing and then rolling out the plans. With this cycle of implementation the project remains stable and successful since the groundwork is already laid down.

Procurement Exercise

What is a thought process?

Is the use of mind to carefully and critically evaluate an action that is about to be taken.

To identify appropriate vendors means that they must be qualified to fit to accomplish all the tasks given. Experience is the first qualification since this will give an upper hand in managing the resources. It will help in finding new ways of achieving the plans and objectives since they have already been in the field.

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Set qualifications will include having served in a similar position for a period of 3 years.

The reference will be required to give an evaluation of the individual's performance with respect to the position.

Project Ethics

PMI Code of Ethics:

Should PM negotiate contracts that they will be responsible for monitoring? Why?

The PM should negotiate the contract in depth since they are responsible for whatever outcome that will be achieved (Berkun, 2005). This will include shedding the light on every aspect and logistics involved so that any ambiguous clauses may be eliminated and that any unachieved or overstated objectives are trimmed down to achievable and more beneficial ones.

Is a PM obligated to tell some team members they will be outsourced at the end of the project? What if they are directly asked?

The project manager is not obligated to inform the members of any outsourcing since they will be affected in the productivity, and if they are directly asked they can reverse the questions and let it make look appeasing to the members.

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Should a PM withhold information that can only be damaging, and will most likely never be known otherwise? (Medical Waste Issue)

According to Project Management Institute, (2001) the PM main objective is to make the project successful; whichever ways he achieves it depends on the decisions that he or she makes. This means that decisions such as withholding damaging information can be made with respect to the expected outcome. Some damaging information can be more beneficial in the long run thus there is no need to withhold it. In case the information will cause more damage to the project achievement and lead to failure it is best to withhold it at all costs. This may not be ethical but the project success should be the ethic above all ethics.

Should the PM of a contractor disclose a budget overage in one area to a client even though the total project is on budget?

There is no ethics in revealing an overage budget since it will only lead to inflation of costs. They may even change the costs just to fit the overage budget for personal gains. The budget remains confidential document to the PM and should be treated as so until there are audit concerns.



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