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The Role of Training and Development

Employee’s performance is the building block of the organization. It is the main function of the human resource manager of the organization: to ensure that all the workers in the organization are performing their respective roles as expected. However, for the employees of any organization to perform maximally qualitatively it is necessary that the organization improves performance of employees by training its workers. Thus, the significance of training in the improvement of an organization is high (Dessler, 2000). Training comes in handy in an organization, especially when workers need to improve their working skills. Employees in any given institution or organization must have the necessary skills to provide the right services. Today, training is a key factor as it enhances performance and efficiency in both the employer and the worker. Training also improves the capability of workers. For instance, a worker that has an adequate experience in a certain field is likely to reach excellent work results comparing to another one that has no experience. This is because training increases and sharpens skills and competences of an individual. In addition, the relationship between the two aspects reveals the role of training and performance of an individual (Lusthaus & Anderson, 1999). The impact of training increases knowledge, satisfaction, and develops management skills, which play a leading role in the work performance. It is through training that a worker can realize the intrinsic abilities, which will improve the productivity of work (Dessler, 2008). In addition, training can decrease operational costs of an organization. In training, an organization can find better ways of reaching its targets and thus increase productivity and performance, which in turn improve the development of a company. It is imperative that the human resource manager considers having training sessions in the organization as a way of enhancing productivity. The human resource manager will also realize the potential of his/her workers. Hence, organizations should invest in training because the performance of the human resource will ultimately increase (Khan, Khan, and Khan, 2011).



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