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The following discussion is a reflection of the topic dedicated to training and development. There are many problems and mistakes in training process applied by the companies. It is necessary to understand the common issues in human resource management from the point of training and development. Otherwise, it will be impossible to coordinate the implementation of strategic plans.

First, it is important to mention that problems of companies in training and development occur due to the lack of experience in regulating the company’s upgrade. Companies tend to have problems in managing their employees from the point of organizing their schedules according to the needs of the company. Overloads and inability to fulfill the extended list of responsibilities are the common consequences of inappropriate training. Another problem is ineffective time management or its absence, which has to be solved by the employer. Finally, the company may find it difficult to manage its financial resources and afford a costly training program.

The solution to the above-stated problems is simple and complex at the same time. First, the company needs to create a time management guide, which will help manage schedules of employees without negative consequences. Further, it is important to include technologies in training and development programs. Finally, mentorship programs will help in applying theory in the workplace with the help of mentors represented by the top managers or outsourced consultants.


Training and development takes a significant part in the formulation of the company’s perspective towards success. It is an essential part of the performance, which requires additional attention in order to promote the achievement of strategic goals. In the contemporary world of business, it is impossible to find a company, which would not have problems in training and development of the employees. It means that there are issues, which companies cannot solve for some reasons, including limited resources, tight budgets, and lack of experience. In general, there are several common issues, which worry thousands of companies willing to solve them. The following discussion is a reflection of issues and their solutions, which can show every company how to avoid problems in training and development.


A number of issues in training and development can be divided into three sections, including limited resources, lack of time, and training effectiveness. In such way, it is possible to claim that the companies need to prioritize their performance goals in order to understand their aspirations regarding human resources development. Every problem should have a separate consideration in order to understand its essence.

First, it is important to consider limited resources as a problematic factor in personnel training and development (Lepak and Gowan). The majority of companies cannot afford comprehensive training programs for all employees due to a tight budget. The problem is that the majority of employers cannot afford spending financial resources on training and development, which does not bring any positive effects on the company’s productivity. The problem of the companies is that the employers are willing to have satisfied customers, increased sales, and enhanced productivity. At the same time, companies are willing to grow and develop, which creates a dilemma of spending resources on training or other fields of the company’s performance. In addition, the problem is in the engagement of top employees during their training sessions. It means that companies find it difficult to have an appropriate balance between employee’s engagement and training courses (Lepak and Gowan). However, at the same time, companies’ management representatives need to think about investing in training and development programs, which will boost the company’s excellence, customer’s satisfaction, and employee’s qualification.

Limited time and lack of effective time management skills are another problems faced by the contemporary business. Employee engagement and wise distribution of labor became the primary factors, which lead to the lack of time. It occurs due to the fact that the company sends several employees on training and development programs and has to overload other employees with responsibilities (Lepak and Gowan). In such way, it is impossible to reach balance, which results in the rising costs and reducing productivity. It is a common problem, which indicates that the company needs to take care of its schedule in order to avoid gaps in the performance of employees. In addition, the problem leads to the mistakes in the performance, which result in the dissatisfaction of customers.

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Finally, the third common problem of training is that training programs are not always the best options to increase employee’s knowledge or enhance skills. It means that many companies waste time on sending some employees to different training courses. The lack of employee’s evaluation results in such inappropriate decision. It does not mean that the company should not spend money on training. It means that the company spends its financial resources insufficiently. The lack of experience and difficulties in selecting the most effective and appropriate training according to employee’s needs are two common problems (Lepak and Gowan). In this way, companies tend to misunderstand their employees and send them on expensive training courses, which do not provide any appropriate results.


The described above problems of training and development show that the contemporary business world still has problems with knowledge and skills enhancement of employees. It is necessary to optimize the performance of the company, which struggles in the selection of training courses. First, companies need to consider that learning new information and improving skills occurs in the workplace. It is impossible to improve employee’s performance without practice, which means that theory is useless until it is effectively used in specific situations. In order to solve the existing problems of training and development, it is important to follow several rules and principles.

Primarily, it is necessary to consider creating training possibilities within the company, which will not require employees to move to another place in order to acquire new knowledge. For example, it is possible to create mentorship and guidance programs, which will teach employees in the workplace without need to put responsibilities on other employees. It is an important option, which can help optimize the performance of the company by saving financial resources and time spent on employee training. In addition, the company will be capable of regulating the performance of every employee without need to worry about the possibility of negative consequences.

Secondly, time management should be the first training, which employees and an employer need to pass. For example, the company may create a guide dealing with time management techniques, which will help avoid overloaded schedule with additional responsibilities. Time management is an important part of the performance of every company, which should be the basis for the performance of every department. In addition, the company should create a plan of training sessions, which will not interfere with the company’s financial resources and strategic plans. Otherwise, it will be impossible to regulate the level of income of the company. Consequently, it will have a negative influence on the inappropriate planning and lead to careless attitude towards employee’s needs. It means that effective planning of the company’s routine performance should start from the updated training and development programs.

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Finally, the companies need to understand that digital era has become an outlining element of the activity of every person. It means that cell phones, tablets, and various gadgets represent a significant part of the daily life of every individual. Many global corporations successfully integrated their performance and simplified their responsibilities by means of technologies. It is necessary to remember that every training and development program can be effective in the workplace with the help of technological devices. It can enhance the communication processes, improve productivity, and help in avoiding numerous mistakes. In this way, it will become possible to reduce costs on trainings and improve the company’s productivity. However, such recommendation may be costly to the majority of the companies. It means that it is important to include new technologies in a systematic way, which will help employees adhere to the changes. In addition, it will save the company’s financial resources.


In conclusion, it is important to consider that training and development should always take place in the company’s performance. It is an element, which helps improve employee’s qualification and potential. In addition, it develops employee’s loyalty and their dependency on the company’s benefits. In fact, the company needs to consider appropriate techniques and options of training in order to meet the requirements of every employee. Moreover, it is important to coordinate the company’s training sessions with complex planning and financial resources. In this way, it will become possible to avoid mistakes and problems of inappropriate training and development programs. In general, the discussed topic remains one of the most alarming ones in the development of the contemporary business sphere.

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