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Healthcare Management Unit 7

Employee loyalty is one of the most valuable tools in any business. In healthcare management, employee loyalty is one of the strategic moves to create customer loyalty. When a hospital has loyal employees, they will tend to provide quality services to their patients (Travelstead, 2011). For example, a nurse who is loyal to the hospital will tend to provide effective services in taking care of patients to make them feel comfortable and move towards heeling. In addition, the nurse is not likely to change the place of employment, since he or she is loyal to the hospital. As a result, the patients, the nurse is taking care of, are most likely going to come back to the same hospital to acquire effective services (Travelstead, 2011). Therefore, healthcare management staff should make it their task to improve employee loyalty if they want to achieve customer loyalty.

In this case, several techniques exist that are applicable by health care management staff to improve employee loyalty. In business, loyalty is also a way of creating trust and faithfulness between two partners. For this reason, loyalty is a two way street in business (Wharton, 2012). This means that the first bold step the hospital management should take is to create loyalty towards the employees for purposes of employees to reciprocate. Therefore, hospital management should try to take care and protect their employees at all costs. This means that they should offer their employees with better working conditions, create better wages and benefits, include employees in decision making processes and, finally, assure employees that they will not lose their jobs, despite the economic difficulties or any other issue affecting the hospital (Wharton, 2012). When the hospital management applies these techniques, employees are going to reciprocate by being loyal. As a result, they will offer quality services to the customer leading to customer loyalty.



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