Healthcare Management Unit 6

Healthcare management is one of the growing career opportunities in the job market. Presently, healthcare is changing to conform to the current environment. Globally, many technological advances are taking places. For this reason, healthcare management is trying to incorporate healthcare systems for purposes of staying with the current trends of environment (Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel, 2012). Therefore, in order to fulfill the positions of a healthcare management CIO or Director of Healthcare Information Systems certain conditions or requirements must be met to provide excellent quality services.

Firstly, it is extremely valuable to fulfill the necessary information system skills. In this case, it is worthy to have the skills through an excellent education. This is where certain course like information technology, management information systems or business information technology will improve the required skills (HIMSS, 2012). In addition to education, attaining the skills in a reputable institution will be an added advantage. Since a reputable institution has excellent resources. As a result, one is going to achieve high quality skills. This provides a person with an excellent backbone to provide excellent services (HIMSS, 2012). Therefore, taking the necessary course in a reputable institution will improve the chances of becoming marketable for the positions.

Secondly, having office etiquette and ethical standards are an instrumental requirements of becoming marketable for the positions. In healthcare management, a high level of ethics is a requirement, because there is involvement of sharing personal information (HIMSS, 2012). In order to achieve this, a person needs to learn healthcare code of ethics and practice to gain an excellent reputation. Finally, it is extremely valuable to become creative for purposes of integrating healthcare and business part of an institution in one system (Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel, 2012). Patients, employees and other relevant users of the system need an easy and straightforward understanding of the system. Therefore, with the above qualities a person is highly marketable for the positions.



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