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The supervisory and the management style should adjust to match the new regulations, conditions and new market trends. In U, Nike Company should adjust to the new trends of staffing to improve the quality of the products and services. Thus, the general executive style and the daily operations supervisors and managers should discuss and plan necessary staffing requirements. Nike is a multinational company thus should device ways of managing and staffing its employees both nationally and internationally.

First, the company should device the matrix form of operation where members from the other disparate parts are brought together to work on a specific course of action. After the task has been fully completed, the organization can assemble new teams to deal with new tasks or projects. In this case, the employees are answerable to both the head of the team and the original supervisors. In developing the matrix operation, the original manager should employ new members who work on part time jobs. This helps the members work on multiple projects concurrently some of which are subordinate operations. More so, the operation manage can also employ members on contract basis but the managers should be retained to monitor the new operations. In addition, the operation and general managers should work in unity to realize and counter on the challenges for the benefit of the company.          The operation manager can plan the upcoming window to accommodate new projects in the system. Furthermore, the manager can also update the plans to suit the company’s mode of operation. In conducting this operation, the operations and the general managers should work together and share resources. In matrix operations, the project managers should facilitate the proactive communication within the company. The project managers in a matrix mix should ensure that their projects perform better while the functional managers actually own the project. The project managers should therefore facilitate the required resources. Furthermore, the project manager should also verify the resources after a period of time.

Secondly, the company can device the utilitarian mode of operation. In this case, the members or the employees works on the specific task they have been assigned. This case of staffing maintains a standard corporate structure and places it in new market structure. This mode of operation basically involves adherence to ethical standards among employees. The managers should ensure that he or she incorporates both the act utilitarianism and the rule utilitarianism. As a leader in this mode of operation, he or she must identify the appropriate method of operation like sacking and recruiting of new employees. The operations manager must ensure that the benefits of operation outweigh the cost incurred. This method is famous as the leaders have to consider all the angles of decision making process. This mode of operation if free and fair as leaders do not use emotions in their conclusions. The managers or leaders have a chance to focus on leadership based on the preference of most workers. This mode cannot easily identify the possible consequences in project. For instance, in Nike, the ethical standards of the general manager will affect the operation and conduct of the workers.

To counter on the multinational operation, the company can employ the focused form of staffing. In this mode, the company will identify a specific aspect in the international market like a country, a product, consumers or a region and uses it as focal point in administering the efforts of the organization. The company should identify the best style that best fits in the market, applies to the specific scope, and fits the quality and level of communication system.


The culture of Nike

There are several ways a company can create a better future to ensure that all the employees and the customer understand the history of the company. Therefore, analysis of the business environment of Nike has helped maintain the company’s image nationally and internationally. The Nike Company has in the past tried to move the company to greater diversity. That is the company has set more attention on the most important communities within the company. Furthermore, the company has to incorporate people with varied religious affiliations for instance, the Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and the atheists. However, the company is dominated by Christians among its employees though, in places such as China, the company has incorporated Buddhists and atheists. In African countries like Egypt, the company has Muslim sales agents all over the country.

The company has to foster its multinational operations in its operations. Multinational operations for Nike Company are aimed at fostering the professional development of the company.  The company has been criticized for creating a class among its consumers. This is evident in the products offered by the company. However, the company can counter this criticism by creating an industrial sustainability effort. The company can use the environmental apparel design tool which has a specific design. The toll will help accelerate unity among other companies. The company can thus depict involvement in the innovation process by reducing dependence on natural resources.

Furthermore, the company can reduce bias among the customers by producing products that fits the rich and the poor.  For instance, the company can advise the designers on the most affordable and cheapest products. In addition, the product creation process can also include expensive product which suits the demand and preference of the fortunate in the society. This can be through creation of sustainable products that customers prefer. The company can also launch a tool that can help improve standards in the global industry among its competitors and consumers.

In terms of culture, the company has tried to incorporate people from diverse cultural practices. This include the black employees who have formed an organization that discuses the company’s problems. The aim of forming these organizations is to add value and promote the company. This shows that the company accommodates and retains blacks among its workers. These organizations are also important in provision of a successful transition to the culture of the company. The company has to build more race related organizations which helps identify and build human resource which recognizes Nike as a race free company. 

Nike Company. Custom Nike Company Essay Writing Service || Nike Company Essay samples, help

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