Importance of Employee’s Training

The employee is very vital for an organization as it outlines the expected value of the employee to the employer. This is the outline, introduction or even refreshing course. Good training can help acquire new skills, remind the employees of a very important task and goal ahead of them, and even help implement a new internal policy and system. Some of the benefits of training include time management, which is a tool that is very vital in an organization, and the organization can only achieve its set goals if it is time bound. If a set vision does not have time limit, it becomes void. One of the most important aspects in an organization is that it must remain competitive. In order for this to happen, businesses must continually keep on changing their work policies. Since technology keeps on changing, then it is important for the organization to keep on training on the new development. (Durai, 2002)

A successful and well conducted training helps in delivering improvement in individual and team performance which, in turn, also helps improve the results of the business. Without proper training, the employee’s work is not well put forward, and also the internal relationship between employees is very vital for posting of better results of the organization. Staff training also helps in staff retention which reduces cost. It also improves productivity and quality in the organization. This is achieved through good safety in work procedures, proper efficiency and accuracy as well as awesome customer service. It also decreases material and time wastage, costs of maintenance due to mishandling and also greatly reduces work accident. (Bohlander & Snell, 2009)

My friend works in an organization that adopts many types of training as it sees training as part of organizational development. There are many types of training of employees: one on one or a personal basis is one of them. This helps in interaction of an employee with the management or the trainer and helps in proper understanding and interaction. Group training is also another type that the company adopts, this is however very good and may yield more results than the one on one type. It is vital, because it helps in reduced costs of training everyone, increases teamwork among workers and, most importantly, it reduces time consumption in training everyone. The organization has adopted a very good program to ensure proper participation where employees have to participate. They do it by promoting the successfully completed. Employees in the organization are very receptive of the kinds of training that their organization has adopted. This is due to the personal development and experience that they also get.



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