Social Structures and Formal Organizations

Sign vehicle entails the ways that an individual tells other people about himself/ herself when not using communication techniques such as speaking. Instead, people express themselves via their appearance and behavior. Each and every individual has a certain style on the basis of which others perceive and understand this person.. There are three sign vehicles, namely the appearance, the social setting and the manner (Henslin, 2011). It is possible to alter the sign vehicle in order to make other people think that an individual is something that in reality, he/she is not.

For instance, a young teenage boy can change his sign vehicle by dressing himself in a suit like an adult, putting on a fake beard and glasses in order to go into a night club where only individuals above the age of eighteen are allowed. In such a situation, the teenage boy changes the social setting by visiting a club whereby he is not supposed to enter until above eighteen years. The places that such a person should spend his time interacting include school, church or malls. The appearance of the teenage is altered when he puts on a suit , artificial beard, and fake glasses in order to look mature and responsible when, in fact, he is not, he is just a normal juvenile in disguise. Finally, the sign vehicle of manner is changed when the teenager presents himself in a mature and presentable way. For example, he talks to the security or the waiter with courtesy which is unlike the rude and arrogant ways associated with teenagers. In addition, there are scenarios when an individual wants other people to view him from a different perspective , but the sign vehicle he uses is misinterpreted.

According to the Pierces’ theory of signs, it is easy to manipulate the opinions of other people regarding oneself. “Human beings tend to relate certain things to objects, precise things to habits and other things to qualities” (Henslin, 2011). The sign vehicles can be used to change the view of an individual regarding someone or something. This aspect is applied extensively in fields, like marketing and advertising due to the nature of objects which determines signs in the human eyes.



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