Career and Employee Development

Currently, many organizations have developed the aspect of the protean career model. They have a flexible structure which allows change in the work setting. It opposes to primitive organization structure which does not allow change in responsibility among employees. This career motivates employee to work hard basing on their performance of the set goals. Protean careers have altered psychological contracts between employers and employees, and as a result, organizations have developed career ladder model. Career ladder in business organization is the promotion of employee from one level to the high paid level. The top level has more benefits than the lower level, and employees strive to go up to the highest level in an organization. Lateral movement is not provided by the ladder, and employees have to strive to get to the highest level in order to get high compensation.

In many organization employees have discovered different ways to improve their performance, and they further enrich their knowledge. Many organizations recognize education credits and promote those who have university degree and diplomas. Employee performance in some organizations is measured by the number of successful business maintained by an employee. This makes employees cooperate with their customers in order to maintain profitable results and make sure they have attained large sales volume. In most government institution employees do not care about their performance since the government provides their salary even without working.

The employers in organizations make sure that they select the best candidates to fill vacancies in their organization. Many organizations spent a lot of time interviewing a potential employee because this determines the kind of person to work in an organization. Employers motivate their employee in order to make them work with a low degree of stress and maintain their successful and profitable work in the organization. The employers make sure that they compensate the employee, taking into consideration their qualification and skill in order to maintain professionals in their organizations. In order for an organization to progress, there should be corporation and mutual understanding between the employees and the employers.



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