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Employee Assignation

Employee assignation is important, as many investigation proofs display. Employees with stimulated levels of engagement deliver superior service and are more innovative, with greater loyalty, and they provide more discretionary effort and produce higher levels of productivity and performance. The employee stimulation system is a very important part of the workplace environment as it directly affects the performance of the employees. This, in turn, affects the returns of the company. When the personnel are properly engaged in the dealings of the company, they will be able to work productively. The present day's hurtling business atmosphere stresses that the effectual boss have to be both a well-ordered supervisor and highly skillful in appreciating persons' basic requirements and behavior in the office. Gaining obligation, cultivating aptitude, and safeguarding employee`s incentive and output need open announcement and faith between bosses and operators.

This is a case study about a company stationed in the United States, and we shall refer to it as company X for privacy purposes. In the workplace, it is essential to consider the plight of the employee if the company is interested in making profits and having a satisfied crowd of employees. The problem of downcast employees is a problem that needs to be completed in the workplace as it had an effect on the work atmosphere, outlook of the company to the outside world and the value of work produced by these employees. This dissertation will focus on the various ways in which employees can be stimulated to work hard and smart with the welfare of the company in mind (Carone, 1976).


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This dissertation is noteworthy because it will indicate methods and ways which the employee can use in order to retain the employees, keep them happy and motivated at all times and to make sure that they always work to their best. The definitive aim of this discourse is to see the various methods that could be employed in the workplace of company X. Other objectives may include viewing the rules and regulations that should be implemented in the workplace to ensure that there is positive output on the part of the employees and employers alike. Questions such as: what are the rules that should be put up? What working ethic should be instilled in the environment? What to include in the breaks to increase the motivation? What should the work hours be? What other values should be encouraged in the workplace? The issues of dissatisfaction, fatigue, negative attitudes towards bosses and reward systems are some of the issues that will be dealt with in this dissertation (Dunham, 1979).

The significance of these questions that are to be answered will be indicated later in the paper. The particular kinds of issues that will be dealt with include issues related to the ethical issues. In this section, we shall see ethical issues like salaries, or what is right or wrong according to the different backgrounds of the workers. The access that was given to the researcher was quite limited. Personal questions were not allowed, the employees were not to be questioned during lunch hours, and questioning time would end by four in the afternoon which is one hour before closing time. It should also be noted that most of the employees thought that five p.m. was too late to be in the office!

The phenomenon that is to be studied is the effect of certain activities on the employees in the workplace. These activities mentioned are those that we wish the company X implement, so as to improve employees` motivation and work value. The increased work value will in turn lead to increased returns to the company and this will leave both theemployees and the employer satisfied (Strassman, 1995).

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External meetings are a stimulating disruption. Because outside meetings are not always cost operative for most persons, the employer should reflect on site meetings or workspaces for the employees (Snell, 2012). The company should take in consideration external meetings as a competition prize for a few persons. Then put up an organized plan for the meeting attendees to momentarily re-form the conference to other employees when they arrive. In this case, all the employees will get educated for the price of one (Pierce, 2003).

The research is in relation to a company X which is experiencing problems with employees` motivation. This is an issue that will be tackled by use of various methods that will be stated herein. This is an issue that needs to be fully put to mind so as to be tackled in the right manner. There are many types of research put down concerning this topic that is quite controversial in unvarnished terms. This paper will contain the summary and a wholesale look at the issue of employees` stimulation at the workplace. The approach handled in this paper is one that lays importance on the satisfaction and motivation of the employees. The chief focus in the workplace has to be put on the employees because there is no workplace without them. (American Society For Personnel Administration, & Society For Human Resource Management, 1956)

Recognition or attention is a decisive factor that needs to be shown to the employees. In this model, the feats of the employees should be duly recognized by the employees so as to ensure self-esteem is high in the workplace. Particular systems in which the good works of the employees can be seen and valued should be set up. When they achieve something they have attained something. The recognition of the manager is gratitude for that accomplishment. Most directors do not give enough acknowledgments because they do not get sufficient appreciation themselves. Consequently, it does not come naturally to them. Appreciation is free of charge hence the employees should take advantage of this commodity (Cleland, 1969). The employer should physically congratulate staff by giving them recognition for particular accomplishments. Implement competitions that earn time off. Persons will contest for 20 or 30 minutes off just as firm as they would for a cash prize. In most cases, I have had people take spare time over cash when given the chance. The boss should put objectives in position (amplified of course), and when these objectives are reached by people, sides or the entire staff, they should be rewarded with free time. Allow early discharges, late influxes, and lengthy lunch periods or other pauses (Wittrock, 1967).

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The use of plaques or awards is another effectual method of congratulating the employees. This is part of the theoretical that will be used together with recognition. This could also be incorporated with a kind of feedback system in which the employers can see what type of enticements will lure the employee into working much harder and producing more. This feedback system could include something like a suggestion box for employees. There could also be meetings or get-togethers in which the employees can stage issues arising in the company. This was observed in many other case-studies to improve work-relations and output. (Johnstone, 1904).

Although "stilted applause" is frequently efficaciously used in the method of Employee of the Month plaques, more innovative notions are deeply underutilized as seen in the Employee stock purchase plans in the United States, 1928. Take the time to be creative, matching notable accomplishments with unique awards. On the spot praise is related to credit, but the significance here is scheduling. When there is a purpose for praising a worker, it should not be postponed for any intention. Timeliness equals efficiency. Commend people when the accomplishment is new on everybody’s mind (Plunkett, 2007).

Coaching is one of the ways to improve workers` performance. Your only price is time. Time shows that the employers care. When the stress is on the positive response, one should ensure that this is done by training in "public." Every time the employer identifies and reassures people in the "open," it acts as a natural tonic for other employees who are close enough to experience what is going on and then they strive to get the same recognition (Flink, 2000).

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The employees need to know what is possibly ahead for them, what chances there are for development. This subject is an occasionally disremembered element as to the standing it pieces in the general inspiration of the employees. The managers should set career routes within the association and promote from within. Though particular conditions make the employer look for talent outside the company, he or she should always first ponder internal workforces. If the employer does this, he or she is sending a remarkably optimistic message to everyone that there are certainly additional career occasions within the association (Life Office Management, 1924).

When the employers talk about job designations, he/she is drumming the self-worth of workers. How someone senses about the way they are observed in the labor force is a grave constituent to complete outlook and confidence. Picture a community assembly that comprises some of the employees (Shaw, 2000). The topic of work unavoidably crops up. Will the company’s employees be honored or ashamed to share their designation and place of work? The standing of feeling pleased of who the employee is at the workplace is hugely serious. The recognition of the manager is gratitude for that accomplishment (Life Office Management Association, 1924). Most directors do not give enough acknowledgments because they do not get sufficient appreciation themselves. Consequently, it does not come naturally to them. Appreciation is free of charge hence the employees should take advantage of this commodity. The employer should physically congratulate staff by giving them recognition for particular accomplishments (Whitemell, 2005).

A fresh industry investigation displays just how imprecise the results can be when there is a harmful work environment. Companies were requested to rank what they supposed inspired their people and then workers were requested to rank what actually did inspire them. Bosses felt "working situations" was next to last in relation to prominence. The employees said that it was the second most crucial factor. Working surroundings are supremely significant to the way personnel feel about their workplace (Gobelet, 2006).

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The employer should give the people management parts to reward their presentation and also to aid to recognize upcoming promotable personnel. Majority of the people are stimulated by management parts even in spot forms. For instance, when guests visit the office employers should use this chance to let an employee to take the part of guests guide. A good place to give management parts is to permit workers to lead momentary assemblies. Use your workers' assets and services by planning "tune up" exercise sittings and allow one of your workers lead the drill. The finest time to prepare this is when fresh employees start (American Management Association, 1955).

One particularly operative impression that will work for the company will be construction of a hodgepodge of imaginative thoughts with the "Team" leitmotif. All employees are accountable for giving an expression mentioning TEAM on a fortnight or weekly variation (Kearney, 2008).

Executive recognition is a decisive factor in employee`s motivation. This is the secret defense. And like any clandestine deterrent, judgment is most dire. If this is utilized too often the worth is reduced. And if it is utilized only for extraordinary times and rare accomplishments the worth is intensified (Rocheleaum 2006). The general credit and the optimistic influence that it has on people were discussed earlier. That will go up a few notches when it comes from an administrative person. Some of the same vehicles can be used here such as memorandums and voice mail. To add to another level of stimulation, involve an executive to either individually call to applaud someone (or a group) or even shake hands and show that he or she is appreciated (Oher, 1999).

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Arranged offsite proceedings improve bonding which in turn aids team spirit, which eventually influences the work environment. Halloween parties, picnics on July 4th or Christmas gatherings are only some of the thoughts that positively lead persons together for a pleasant time. Examples of other ideas that could be used with equivalent achievement are softball competitions against other businesses or among staff. (Kahn, 2003).

This will apply more to the Business-to-Business world based on the difference in traditional dress programs from the Commercial to Customer arena. For those who have to follow the dress code every day,  a casual day becomes a desire. Use holidays to build open air casual days such as red and green before Christmas, or white and blue before July 4th, or black and orange before Halloween. This will enhance the effect the company is trying to abide by calling a casual day. Establish prevarication casual days for each individual worker to enjoy on the day before his or her holiday (Pieper, 1990).

Major sports events are an excellent opportunity for informal days to support your community or favorite team with appropriate colors, buttons, and logo apparel. Spontaneous casual days generate a patch or encouragement based on the component of astonishment. The management should announce a casual clothing day for the following office day "just because", making use of individual or group casual dress days as contest prizes for individual accomplishment. The company should strive to implement competitions that earn time off. People will contest for 20 or 30 minutes off just as firm as they would for a cash prize. In most cases, I have had people take spare time over cash when given the chance (Leeuw, 2007).

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There are obviously people in your group who are requesting for and can handle more responsibility. The job of managers is to control who they are and if possible to match responsibilities to their assets and requirements (Speilberger, 2004).

Over the years different results have shown that contests have produced up to 180% increase in performance. But similarly valued, they've aided in upholding effective environments that have reduced employee turnover by 420%. In general the most fruitful competitions seem to be those allied with different themes. Vacations, anniversaries, and sports are examples of ideas to base competitions on. Games, without hesitation, provide the widest variaty of competitions. Even philosophy can be used to make topic competition. One of them is to use the '60s and '70s as a subject for a contest. There are numerous articles and records available on the topic. Make sure they are available to the employees (Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, 2005).

The management should ensure they know it is available and inspire them to use it. If possible, have an internal seminar on organizational methods. So that periods are not lost, the boss might reflect having a brown basket luncheon with an guest speaker on this topic. Because stress is a constant issue, any time is appropriate for a meeting like this to be held. (Wylie, 1948).

Every now and then popcorn, pizza, or cookie days will help stop the everyday monotony and help people stay interested. Because it is a normal for people to get enthusiastic in expectation of an event, the boss should announce about some of these days beforehand. Then he/she should purchase some food products, cookies or even different kinds of popcorn (Maier, 2004).

Using gimmicks as prizes can help stimulate the increment of the employees` performance. It is  important to put the insight of priceless to given awards. They should be observed as status symbols in the work environment (Djelic, 2007). The employee grading systems could also be used and they will prove to be indispensable to stimulate the employees. The employee levels could be divided into the following groupings.

Level A- Separable Contributor

•          People at this level typically trail normal work procedures

•          They usually work under close management

•          They characteristically have little judgment making capacity

•          Usually less than four years relevant experience is required at this level.

Level B - Professionals

•          Individuals at this level usually have procedural or systems experience

•          They usually work under overall management

•          Their conclusions are frequently based on reputable measures

•          Usually 3-6 years of pertinent experience is mandatory at this level.

Level C - Executives and High-ranking Technical Specialists

•          People at this level must have understanding of the procedures and systems used.

•          They usually contrive to set measurable objectives requiring operational planning capability with little direct observation

•          They have considerable scope for making decisions within their company

•          People skills are paramount

•          Usually 5-7 years of pertinent experience is compulsory at this level.

Level D - Directors

•          The individuals at this level must have a competent and proper understanding of the theoretical and practical application in the principles that are in their profession.

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•          They usually contrive to complete goals for their area of control

•          They have significant scope for making decisions for their operational or operating units

•          People skills are essential

•          Usually 8-10 years of pertinent experience is mandatory at this level.

Level E - Vice President

•          Individuals at this level are experienced professionals in their area of expertise

•          They provide calculations to the units under their power

•          They develop and complete term objectives for their units

•          Their judgment making is merely to conduct the affair of  top administration

•          People abilities are respected

•          More than 10 years of pertinent experience is compulsory at this level.

The major objective of this dissertation was to identify ways in which the company can involve the employees positively and find more ways in which employees can be motivated to perform better in the work environment (Hall, 1941).

2.3       Key research questions and/or hypotheses

There have been gaps in preceding write-ups concerning this topic and it was seen fit to put them together with a sense of completion to find a way in which the issue of employee dissatisfaction can be dealt with accordingly (Munnel, 1982).

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For this paper, there were various methods used in order to obtain information indicated in this paper. Some of the information was taken from internet sources. The sources include online sources discussed in this paper. Thorough revision of various research papers has led to significant conclusions drawn in this paper. Some popular publications on the discussion of these topics were also referred to ensure that the boss was undoubtedly on the right track (Werner, 2012).

Collection of data was carried out in various ways. Interviews were conducted in the workplace; this was of course, with the consent of the General Manager. He also approved the questions that were to be asked to his employees. Another important type of data collection that was used was observation. This was one of the most important as it showed the brutal honesty of all the issues that were put down in this discourse.

Data obtained from the collection process was analyzed in a couple of ways. Percentages were calculated, categorization and tabulation. All of these were used to draw the conclusions indicated in this paper. The time scale for the research that was taken in this paper was two weeks. It consisted of rigorous data collection processes that ensured that the observations and note-downs were accurate. The first week consists of interviews while the second week was all about observation and data analysis.  

From this research we can conclude that it is necessary to engage the employees at the workplace positively in order to gain positive results. Reward systems and grading systems used in the workplace are all-important factors that need to be taken into consideration in the workplace. Using all these key findings results and suggestions, the company X would benefit enormously.



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