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Fleet Management. Custom Fleet Management Essay Writing Service || Fleet Management Essay samples, help

Fleet management in the manufacturing industry is a discipline that requires efficiency to ensure  operations are running as smooth as possible.  Loss data management is critical in ensuring efficiency and economy with maximum availability and mobility of fleet vehicles. Areas where loss data can be collected include;

Loss data related to Vehicle Utilisation especially on, wear and tear, repair and maintenance. These Information  the business manage unexpected breakdowns and assist with planning and meet unexpected contingencies which may interfere with the delivery schedules

Loss data related to Fuel Management. Information can be d from, rate of fuel consumption of the vehicles and engine capacity of the fleet. The measurement and evaluation of consumption rates will enable the organisation determine the best type of fleet in terms of operations and the ones which are the most economical to use, or replace with  aging fleet in any.

Loss data related to extra man hours spend by the drivers, allowances while on transit.

compensation of late delivery to natural calamities, i.e. Storms, snow, hurricane etc

Information regarding above will ensure provisions are made ready to meet any contingency cost which are not planned for.

Loss data related to Transport Operations Management taking into account, accidents and repairs not covered by insurance, parking, road toll charges, terrain and location of delivery.

Information on the above will ensure a smooth flow of the fleet, and meet any incidental charges along the way while on transit.

Loss data related to Road logistic and transit time management in case of accidents, delivery time lost. These loss   data information will enable the organisation track it’s fleets i.e. by use of a global positioning system and quickly deploy itself in case of any contingency accidents or delays.

Loss data related to storage of information/usage/ may  Involve deliberate loss data i.e. sabotage or intentional deletion of a file of program, inadvertent loss data  from, accidental data deletion of critical information, misplaced storage devices, administrative errors Rate of failure .loss data which can be from power failure, hardware failure, data corruption, software crash, or business data software vendor failure i.e. Systems Application Programs(SAP)can also cause a standstill in the business especially if there are no backups.

The business organisation should establish a loss data base center where loss data is frequently updated, monitored and acted upon to ensure the operational logistics are not interfered with. One thing to take note of is the liability insurance cover. A comprehensive coverage of all possible losses of accidents will minimize the internal expenses to be met by internal fund while if it’s a third party insurance then there will be a limit to compensation in case of loss or accident. The opportunity cost of each types of insurance should be taken into consideration when planning the managerial logistics.


Fleet Management. Custom Fleet Management Essay Writing Service || Fleet Management Essay samples, help

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