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Offbeat Events Company has been faced with various management problems to sustaining their productivity and service delivery in events. The problems facing Offbeat Events Company include financial, economic, and social. The fact that event organizing is a costly undertaking, Offbeat has not been able to maintain a sustainable growth index, because expenses almost take out the profits made. Economically, Offbeat Events Company has not been able to make progress in development as the numbers of people who attending events organized by this company are fewer than the company expects. This issue has made Offbeat to remain in the same economic status for years. Finally, the social welfare for communities has been a problem considering that events organized by Offbeat are environmentally unfriendly, socially selective, and generally unproductive.

To handle these issues, a concise plan on how to minimize expenses and maximize on profits needs to be implemented in order to handle the financial and the economic problems. On social issues, public transport, waste collection and recycling, allowance of a bigger audience, and provision of personalized services require to be addressed. To do this, this advisory pack takes on environmental aspects, individual aspects, general population aspects, marketing plans, and economies of scale to provide solutions to the issues.


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Addressing Environmental Issues

Once an event has been completed, Offbeat Events Company is faced with the after-party mayhem of collecting garbage and disposing it. This costs a lot of money and reduces the margin of profits. Considering the Geneva Convention on environment conservation, a solution needs to address the type of garbage resulting from the events. Secondly, simple used items pile up to make garbage, if they litter an area, this will be addressed through the installation of garbage cans around the event’s grounds.

How will this be done within a minimal and considerably economic budget? The Geneva Convention requirements address nations to advocate for sustainable energy solutions and use of recyclable materials. On the other hand, the government urges people and organizations to foster for a greener society. In this case, Offbeat Events Company needs to implement a ‘going green’ protocol to sensitize its event attendees and promoters to use the environment they operate insafely. Environmentalists and environment activists have been critiques of such events that do not respect the environment and therefore may influence the events negatively. To address these issues, Offbeat needs to serve drinks and meals in recyclable packs or wrappings to limit the damage to the environment. Secondly, garbage cans should be installed near the catering areas, so that individuals can dispose their litter safely. Finally, the event’s grounds need to be installed with billboard charts and adverts that urge people to be responsible of their environment.

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The above solutions are not quite addressing financial, economic, or individual social life; they rather address cost reduction methods implemented through the caring of the environment. The least the amount of litter the company has to clear from an event’s ground, the lesser amount of money this will cost. On the other hand, if recyclable materials are used to serve drinks and any form of meal, the collection of litter will be transformed to the collection of raw materials for the next event. Financially, the cost of buying new materials for the catering services will be minimal, as recycling will address the matter partially. Sustainability of Offbeat Events Company will be achieved through cutting of expenses and accumulation of higher profits from these events. Economically, if Offbeat is actively involved in environment conservation, chances are high that these events may get sponsors. This is because environmentalists and environment activists will promote the events through positive criticism (Daniel, 1998).

Technology and Efficiency

The world is changing to be digitally connected and almost every business model is applying technology to boost its efficiency and increase production (Piezer, 2005). Technologically, Offbeat Events Company uses more of manual work than machinery; this wastes time, resources, and drags the progresses of events. In this case, technology solutions, like the use of automated vending machines for serving drinks and fast foods, will help the company to focus on efficiency in events.

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Event organization is a business model like the delivery of commercial goods to specified locations. The faster the service, the higher the satisfaction to consumers and the higher the population willing to use those services, therefore, to sustain growth, Offbeat must implement technology that fosters and guarantees efficiency. The importance of creating a sustainable businesses model is to eliminate risks and wastage of resources that may be involved. Time is a resource and its management predicts the worth of events (Meredith & Mantel, S2003). On the other hand, people are resources, because they provide labor to make things happen. However, time and labor do not spell out efficiency, especially in occasions where labor is sensitive to time but the means are either slow or outnumbered by the activities (Solomons, 1986). Offbeat has been facing labour challenges that in theory, must have affected Offbeat’s performance and quality of service delivery.

To implement sustainability in Offbeat’s events, automated vending machines must be used to address the resources of time and labor. This will boost productivity in events and will have a positive impact on the management of Offbeat. Management is the effective managing and sustaining of production channels to create profit surplus. This is gained through addressing time management tools like the performance of employees, the margin of error per employee, and the maximum number of hours an employee can work effectively (McLaney & Atrill, 1994).  All these management worries can be limited to machine maintenance and power provision.

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Target Audience

Currently, Offbeat Events attracts an estimated number of people ranging between 10,000 and 15,000 who are mostly the residents of West Wales. However, the events selectively attract young people between the ages of 17 and 26 years of age. This number can be raised from the current limit of 15,000 to 30,000 people through the inclusion of more play stages for diverse age groups. The science of a child’s development, ascertains that children between the age of 6 and 12 years old are normally creative, because this is the stage where the brain is at its maximum plasticity stage (Vink, 1996). The relevance of this developmental stage to the context of this advisory pack is to define untapped talent and revenue generating potential. Currently, the three stages set for plays can be increased to six or seven. In this regard, children between the ages of 6 to 12 years old will be included in a form of event’s theme that fits their understanding. On the other hand, teenagers of 13 to 16 years old can be accommodated in themes and talent shows that demand their presence. Lastly, the working class of 28 to 45 can be included as a way of offsetting their office job hustles by offering a relaxation theme for them.        

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The higher the number of people that attend these events, the higher the profits these events will generate. An all-age-inclusive event will drive the number of people attending the events to higher levels hence promoting the popularity of Offbeat events. The sustainability of Offbeat in this instance will be generated through heightened profits, popularity and economies of scale. An economy of scale is a microeconomic theory that defines an organization’s ability to take the advantage of opportunities and risks that can increase its output. This gives the organization or the business model an opportunity to expand its operations and size in general (Vroom and Yeton, 1973).

Delivery of Personalized Service

It has come to my knowledge that Offbeat indents to provide full meals in events it organizes and plans. This model of business that ventures full catering services and that may not be reliable of automatic vending machine technology. In this case, employees or labor outsourced straight from the neighboring communities requires to be minimized and professionals introduced.  Professional chefs and event caters from established restaurants are required for events, where full meals will be served. In order to implement this properly, a promotional event requires to be set up upon which people’s preferences and tastes can be tested and the efficiency of chefs of feeding more than 20,000 people to be appraised.

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Full meals give people the sensation of family dining and therefore, services like this will attract family attending of the events. Sustainability of Offbeat in this case takes shape in diversifying the services offered at these events. Diversification in terms of meal provision is a major issue to the health of the people attending these events. Initially or currently, Offbeat offers too much junk food that may affect and has affected many people’s health negatively in other settings. Customer shopping trends are affected by various elements like the delivery of service, the type of service, and the level of sensitivity depicted by the services and products. It is retrievable that a number of people may fail to attend Offbeat’s events, because their health requirements are not addressed by the current foods offered.

Therefore, the inclusion of full meals in Offbeat events will demand for personalized services like improvised cooking methods for clients who dislike certain ingredients in a certain meal. Setup of dining areas with personalized touch to ensure privacy or comfort. The more comfortable people are when dining, the more willing they will be at spending. This will create a routine for people to attend Offbeat events for various reasons. These may include satisfactory services, specialized and personalized services, good and healthy foods, and all age-inclusive events.

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Labor Issues

An alarming rate of labor related issues have risen from Offbeat events. This has not only created a service delivery problem to Offbeat, but also influenced attendees to lose faith in Offbeat’s ability to address their needs effectively. Enough labor to attend to 30,000 people needs to be larger than the current of 230 temporal staff. Increasing the number of people who attend the events demands for an increase in the number of staff to attend to them and, therefore, a consideration of cost must be addressed forehand. Individuals in these events do preparation and serving of drinks, this part of labor and a number of staff members are active in the provision of these services.

Considering the earlier proposal of automated vending machines, the number of staff members can be kept low even with increased number of people attending these events.  One staff member can serve up to 30 people in an hour. Considering that 200 staff members are deployed at the drinks and junk food catering area, only 6000 people will be served in an hour. On the other hand, one vending machine can serve up to 12 people per minute and 720 people per hour (assuming that a transaction will take 5 seconds with no delay between one transaction and the next). This will mean that 100 vending machines will serve 72,000 people per hour, and this translates to serving of 36,000, 18,000 and 9,000 people in a half, a quarter, and an eighth of an hour respectively (Usunier, 1996). Therefore, the number of staff members that attend to 10,000, to 15,000 people will need to be minimized to professional 20 whose work is to ensure that the vending machines are working properly and that they do not run short of drinks and foodstuffs.

Sustainability of Offbeat, regarding the introduction of vending machines and limiting the number of staff members is through cutting the number of errors humans are prone to, increase in the satisfaction of consumers, and heightening the number of people served within a convenient period of time. The buying of vending machines is an expensive task as well as transporting and installing them in the events` site. This means that Offbeat can hire these machines and have them delivered to the events’ grounds by provider companies. Long-term dependency on hired machines is ineffective, when sustainability of the company is considered. In this case, buying the machines is more effective to the company. However, the budget of buying these machines is high and phase-by-phase implementation of this technology will be economical. This is through buying of 20 machines and hiring 80 of them for phase 1. Phase 2 may allow the buying of 30 machines and hiring of 50. Lastly, the company buys 50 machines and hires none. The above trend will decrease expenditure with time while at the same time promoting efficiency and popularity of the company (Kerzner, 2010).

Transport Services, Camping Area and Parking Facility

Currently, public transport is not allowed to the fairs, but personal vehicles with free provision for parking space (presumably). A number of people are discouraged to attend the fairs, because they cannot access public transport. This is because they do not like driving to such areas as security of their automobiles is not assured. Considering the amount of space a family van takes in the parking lot, it is necessary to give people a choice of using public transport. Assuming that the current 10,000 to 15,000 attendees all show up in groups of two; a parking space of 5,000 to 7,500 vehicles will have to be created. In this case, the extensive parking space would be underutilized and some people may lack space to put up their tents.

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The solution is to cut down on the number of vehicles accessing these events by allowing or enabling public transportation means to the events. The cut of personal vehicles will increase the space for camping, therefore enabling more people to be hosted in the camping site. Besides, the increased number of people that this advisory pack advocates to address can make use of two event’s grounds with each housing stages and camping site.

Public transport is beneficial in that vehicles will drop passengers and leave the grounds, this will mean less disturbance, larger space, and minimal destruction to the environment. Sustainability in this case, results from the company’s ability to plan and manage a bigger crowd on the same space through the reduction of unimportant factors like the number of vehicles parked at the event’s grounds. On the other hand, families that fear to attend these events due to the possibility of lacking camping space will have no reason to fear and will be encouraged to attend these events more often. The proximity between the camping site and the event’s grounds will be limited, as the current camping and parking area is converted to an event`s ground and camping site with the same happening to the current event’s ground.

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Cost Analysis and Adoption Plan 

Disposing of litter has been a costly issue to Offbeat, but with the introduction of billboard adverts at the event’s site will direct people to dispose at convenient disposal depots in form of litterbins. Besides the disposal of the garbage, the recyclable materials or utensils to be applied in these events will cut down on the company’s overall expenditure with time. The fact that the company will be effectively using re-usable materials will reduce the amount of money used in the provision of materials. On the other hand, recycling companies will make good customers for the recyclable garbage. Therefore, the estimated cost for the implementation of the environmental measures will almost be constant. This is because the recycled materials will generate revenue as well as cut production cost of others. However, a slight incurrence of costs may be resulted in the setting up of billboards and installation of numerous litterbins (Trompenaars and Woolliams, 2001).

Efficiency of Offbeat will be boosted by the introduction of technological solutions like the Automatic Vending machines. In a scope to install 100 vending machines, it is advisable that the organization buys the vending machines in phases instead of thriving to hire them on a long-term basis. The buying of the vending machines will be embarked on in three phases in the following order. Currently, the company can buy 20 machines, then after the first event it holds next from now, it can buy 30 more machines, and after the second event, then 50 machines bought will have enabled the organization to buy the remaining 50 machines. The cost of buying 20 machines is $26,000, there are machines costing as little as $600, while others cost $5000. Therefore, the above price is an average when buying in bulk, $37,000 when buying 30, and $48,000 when buying 50 machines. The reduction of price can be done when buying many machines as compared to when buying a few is through value added discounts that a buyer will be allowed.

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The inclusion of full meals in the catering services of the company will cost the company an estimate of $1000 for per professional chef working in a day. Given an estimate of 20 chefs for the current amount of people and 50% increase in this number for every 500 people attending the next event, it will mean that at the end of 4 held events, the desired number of attendees will have grown to 30,000 and 60 chefs will be actively preparing their meals. This will cost about $60,000 per 24hrs to pay a chef and $300,000 if the event takes 5 days.

On transport means, a large space will be left after the parking issues are solved by the introduction of public transport. Damage to the environment will be minimal, as the need to move back and forth from camping sites and event’s grounds will be limited. This solution will offset about half of the current budget of maintaining the parking lots and camping sites. The total amount used in the implementation of the sustainability measures will be offset after the forth event held under these measures. 



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