Labor Discrimination

Labor discrimination is the aspect of segregating the employees from work depending on their race, culture, education and religious beliefs. Discrimination, may display itself in manner in which staffs are recruited unfairly, impact on retaliation with the management policies, promotion of staffs, and consideration for compensation preferences (Kleiman, 2006). The modern society has strongly prohibited the aspect of discriminating employees under all circumstances. However, this purpose seems to be difficult to implement in the contemporary society. What may be the challenges facing the implementation of egalitarianism? This paper tries to discuss issues and impacts of labor discrimination in our contemporary society.

Firstly, discrimination is a stereotypical attribute of certain people, believing particular sphere of people or individuals cannot perform a given task. It may be as a result of a belief instilled in them, or the environmental condition causing these effects. Taking into consideration employment discrimination, this may exhibited where employees are not required to put on a head gears in case of a certain executive company. This may sound in order with the company but, taking into consideration some religious beliefs, one is required to put on a head gear. This issue if not tackled well by the organization may be seen as indiscrimination by some employees. The end results of a given policy needs to be evaluated and see how its repercussions would yield.

Consequently labor discrimination may be exhibited where by cases of promotions follows serious flaws. In an organization, promotions need to be based on the performance index of the workers. However this has not been the case in most organizations, as most of them tend to seek for some favors from the employees. It has been reported in most labor courts where some employees have been promoted on the basis of submission to their bosses (Kleiman, 2006). This may be in favor of sexual advances or, in order for the individual to get a particular activity done for the bosses. Indeed this amounts to discrimination among appointment of other workers who would have been better off in terms of service delivery. Such actions have been on the rise currently, given the rush to get high wages due to the ever inflating economy. The solution solely lies with the policies laid, on which if broken the perpetrators need to be reported to the labor courts.

The issue of racial discrimination has been exhibited in most companies which look forward to employ workers from a given race only. Given the current global trend, the whole world is looking toward being a global village. As a society, there is need to embrace cultural diversity. Different spheres of individuals have different talents which may serve as an asset to an organization. Combining of various skills and knowledge from different scores may lead to a tremendous improvement service delivery to an organization. By a mere fact of denying employment to a given race, not only is a discrimination in itself but also , may deny the organization certain aspects that could propel it to greater heights (Kleiman, 2006). It is wise for managers to embrace cultural diversity and recognize the capabilities of different individuals irrespective to their racial background. Moreover, diversification of individuals leads to expansive scope of ideas that may keep the firm viable in the long term.

Matters pertaining gender disparities in the workplace, have been a great challenge that is faces most organizations. This is as a result of the stereotypes that the society believes in. It is also exhibited whereby the allocation of wages tend to vary across genders emanating from the societal differences based on sex orientation, particular skill of a given sex and the cognitive aspect that the genders posses. Many countries are trying to connote the affirmative action, where a certain percentage of women and the minority are included in the job placement. Glass ceiling has been a major obstacle in most organizations as some, believe women cannot perform some tasks. However, research have revealed contrary in the way of the normal belief. It has been found out that women have better cognitive skills and, would perform involving tasks very well. This aspect has made women to come out as outstanding managers in most organizations (Kleiman, 2006). This has to insight the employers to change their notion and embrace the reality of the matter. Egalitarianism has to impact to all gender and, ensure competence is achieved on merit irrespective of the gender.

Age has been a contentious issue to most managers. Should a youthful or old generation be employed and be retained at work? Most organization tends to discriminate certain age groups in their employment process. It is a factor of tasks that lie to be accomplished that matters. Given the era of technological application, the current generation seems to be adept in handling such tasks. They are gurus and agile and, can accomplish given tasks under pressure. Contrary, the old generation employees seem to have the experience and, have mastered the art of management. The old generations seems to handle higher risks and, are tenable to sound decision making process. These ideologies bring the aspect of realization of the importance of both age groups. There should be no discrimination of certain age groups by a mere fact of age factor. This is ascertained by the fact that, every individual on merit is capable of bringing an impact to an organization

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Furthermore, in the work setup, the relationship status of workers is a quagmire on most managers. This has led to discrimination to most potential employees. The question arises as, should an organization employ both couples to the same organization? This has been an issue that has been widely debated with different sectors coming up with different opinions. In relation to a given organization, the management should choose on what to prioritize in order to achieve maximum service delivery. This solely depends on the couples themselves, as in as long as they are comfortable with each other, then they should not be discriminated when they want to work at a particular organization.

Health status of individual may be an issue towards recruiting of individuals. Currently the pandemic of certain diseases such as HIV, cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes puts potential employees at a risk of being discriminated. The managers may view the affected as a short term asset in a given organization. Indeed, that may sound close to reality, but it should not be used as a basis of discrimination. Every individual is entitled to equal rights of employment irrespective of the prevailing health conditions unless, under very critical situations such as in military profession (Kleiman, 2006). The skills and capability of an individual should be used to judge the recruitment procedures. This may help to nature the pertinent skills that certain individuals may possess, of which may be beneficial to the organization. It is a difficult decision to make, for which managers need to carry out thorough consultation and, come up with valid solution that would portray a positive image of the organization.

In some instances, there are potential employees who are physically impaired. These groups tend to face discrimination. Their physical inadequacy put them at a situation where some employees my think they are incapacitated to perform some tasks. It is to the utmost surprise that, some of these individuals posses an amazing capabilities to perform given tasks. For instance, there are individuals without hands, but prove to be perfect artists who use their legs to draw. There are records of judges who are physically impaired, but perform their roles ardently. Physical impairment does not mean inability to perform certain tasks and give ideas; hence an equal opportunity should be given to all people.

Additionally, political responsibilities have a role in the choice of stake holders more so those holding government offices. This makes them to be discriminative and employ their loyalists. To some extend this is seen as discrimination as, the right procedure for recruiting the employees may not be followed. Political affiliations tend to interfere with the service delivery of most organizations. Managers are compelled to employ individuals due to pressure from other political authorities. This surmounts to discrimination of other potential candidates who would otherwise fit into the organization.

Religious beliefs also tend to influence the recruiting process of employees. Inclination towards a certain religion may have an impact towards the decision of managers on recruiting process. Certain organization may feel they only require an orientation of a certain religion to perform their task. Is it really in order to validate this assertion? This is another contentious issue put across by many board managers, who feel certain priorities have to be met (Kleiman, 2006). Ethical values from Christianity, Islamic, Hinduism and Buddhism have a certain role in some organizations. However, the current global market requires diversification in ideas and relenting of ideologies that seem to affix the realm of thinking. This is a major challenge in nonprofit making organizations. The competency of an individual should not be tied to the religious aspect. The candidates should be tabled in terms of their merit but not their religious affiliations. This may help the organization identify a wide scope of potential candidates who may be fit for the required task.

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Various mitigations have been set up to ensure that equality is attained in work placement. Different nations and organizations have put in place laws that try to eliminate labor discrimination (Kleiman, 2006). Such policy making and amendment of the law serves as a guideline towards achieving proper guidelines and embracing equality. Furthermore, government policies in most nations are encouraging the realization of education. Education is a key aspect towards the realization of economic growth of a given nation. This is marshaled by, better implementation of correct policies. Embracing education empowers both genders to have an equal opportunity in the job market. Both genders would acquire the required skills and competencies to earn them the required job. In addition, the knowledge impacted during education process exposes every individual to the opportunities that exists and be able to grab them.

In conclusion, organizations and government structures need to be overhauled. This is in essence to give a better hand in job creation that gives a competitive environment for hiring. This puts all measure to have undergone through serious vetting process that eliminates the aspect of discrimination. Managers would have no other option rather than follow the stringent process to have competent workers. The aspect of discrimination may be eliminated also by empowering monitoring and evaluation agencies that oversee the operation of any given organization. Supervisor in every sector have to ensure correct policies are adhered to, and perpetrators of discrimination are brought to book. The annual reports that the managers write have to indicate the criterion used to arrive at the selection of the recruited employees.

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