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The Organizational Development Department

The organizational development department is usually responsible for organizational reviews, organizational designs, organizational changes, departments' structures, business processes, company procedures development and maintenance, and policy development. The organizational development function is aimed at maximizing an organization’s heart, efficiency and viability in response to changes, values, mission, and vision in order to achieve the organization’s objectives. Organizational review redesigns the current organization issues and processes for more efficiency. Job evaluation function, on the other hand, is responsible for assigning grades to newly created jobs and evaluation of established jobs.

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The aims of the organizational review process are geared towards ensuring the workers produce their level best on the job titles they are assigned. The review process gives rise to a strategic plan whose implementation leads to a united organization that demonstrates leadership, innovation, and professionalism. These forms the bench mark for a job review process. Organizational review produces business structures that enable the application of factors considered in the job evaluation.  These factors are responsibility, skills, working conditions and efforts; they determine the final assigning of pay grades. The results of organizational review are the ones reflected on the final grading after a job evaluation. This implies that job evaluation results can be predicted prior to the actual process depending on the efforts put by the organizers in achievement of the organization’s objectives. The foundation of the job evaluation is laid down by the results recommendations of the review process.

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Both, Organizational development and Job evaluation functions aim at producing organizational structures with titles and grades. They do not overlap with one another, because assigning a grade to a job is only performed for an established structure. Assigning job grades is a part of the implementation stage, but it is often done after completing the business review of project. The job evaluation process is not a part of the business review project itself, but offers the final touch on the establishment by assigning the grades. This implies that proper mechanisms and procedures should be laid out to enable the review process to be performed independently at departmental levels. If the two processes are carried out independently, they bring about repetition that creates more room for faults. Instead of running the process from the same source as a single function, each department should have its own method. Elements of job evaluation should be included at all stages of the organizational review process for the accurate information used in the grading of jobs. Determination of the work needed to accomplish an organization’s goal is dependent on the attached to a job cadre. It is thus clear that fair grading of the jobs can only be achieved, if a comprehensive review process is carried out.

Hence, it is recommended to integrate both functions under a single function called "Organizational Review Process", which starts with a request for an organizational review and ends up with an organizational structure, including titles and grades. Splitting the two processes amounts to unreliability as the two processes rely on the same factors.  Integrating both functions under a single function ensures that the actual state of organizational structures is represented comprehensively. The titles and grades derived from the comprehensive review process reflect the actual status of the job categories that is worth the pay grade. Departmental reviews should be culminating determination of the relative level; complexity, importance, and the value of each job in the department through job evaluation. Departmental review would enable systematic comparison between jobs during evaluation to assess their relative worth for formulating a departmental pay structure. The information from these departments should be compiled in the determination of the organization’s general pay grade.

Thus, the value of a job related to other jobs in an organization should be determined in tandem to the facts and measures which are taken from the review process. Redesigning should be inclusive of job evaluation to enable a complete process. Splitting the processes implies that the work force is left out first in the review process as they await evaluation. This is only achievable if the review and evaluation processes are integrated at all organizational structures. The evaluated departmental information should afterwards be reflected in the reviewed systems of the general organization.

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