Construction Practice and Procedure

The employer’s point of view as presented in the construction procedure and practice illustrates how the various activities ought to be done. The employer’s desires mark the milestones that touch on payments. The specific events and dates are included and the actual sequence of events outlined. The main contractor was Yu Ltd and SEE U Ltd the alternative window supplier. The two contractors equally had their expectations on payment. Contractors normally need part of the moneys before they start working. Some moneys are only to be paid on commissioning of the windows. In this case contract, week 10 negotiations with SEE U Ltd were held in order to resolve issues concerning purchase of the tender requirements.

Additionally, on the 14th week the main employer was expected to lias with the contractor in order to obtain materials from another supplier. This was another payment position demanded by the contractors. The 16th week was scheduled for SEE U Ltd to place orders for the four upper rooms since the solutions for ground floor were pending. On the same week frame color samples were submitted to the progress meeting for approval.

The 20th week was dedicated for an alternative proposal for the ground floor was forwarded to the employers’ agent for verification. Consequently, ARC commented on the SEE U Ltd drawings which were later received by Yu Ltd. The agents do a very important work of verifying the steps taken by the contractors. The drawings received by Yu Ltd were forwarded to the architect and since the colors were not yet confirmed they were sent to the employer’s agent. By the 27th week the Yu company had verified the drawing and manufacture plans about 2-5 levels were to continue. .

The planners expected to deliver the level 3 windows and so installation was to be started by week 37. On the 39th week the level 2 and 4 were delivered and the half partitions completed. The completion of the work was done between the 40th and the 47th weeks. Each of these stages comes with assessment points. The employer checks the work done by the contractors. Payments are freely given once the expected stages have been achieved.



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