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The company CEO is Gerhard Rohden, and he commands 10 vessels, and this number is planned to be increased soon (Witt 2009). There is a crew and maintenance team available for every vessel’s needs as well as different technicians servicing different departments. These include the marketing, and customer service departments on standby for the client’s enquiries. The marketing departments handle advertising for clients and this can take the form of the online site dedicated to explaining what the corporation entails its history and available services. The customer service sector works hand in hand with the marketing department. Their task is to answer a client’s enquiries and requests as well as complaints about the company, most probably sent by email.

All in all, the time taken under the master’s wing to learn about the German shipping industry was quite a remarkable and beneficial learning experience. The technical department taught me a lot about the usual standards of goods when they reach their destinations, and the condition, in which they leave port. The shipping industry is quite a stable and profitable industry as the sea is still a crucial means of transportation for many goods. Unless, a device of mass teleportation is invented soon, the trade is here to stay. Additionally, Gerhard Rohden has created an employment opportunity albeit for a chosen few that fully ascribe to the shipping way of life.



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