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This is to furnish you with information regarding XXX as per your questions.

a)The Applicant’s Interpersonal Skills

XXX has a variety of positive character traits that enabled her work harmoniously with her colleagues during the internship. She has good communication skills and great listening abilities that facilitated smooth communication between her and the workmates. XXX good conduct and behaviors enabled her to effectively set up and sustain a desirable relationship with her colleagues. Through hard work and high commitment to her duties and responsibilities, she was capable of completing assigned duties on time, far much before deadlines. Any supervisor who delegated work to her was confident of its completion.

Additionally, she has impressive leadership skills that really need further nurturing. XXX  is a confident lady with strong problem solving and decision making skills that surpasse and outshine by far those of her peers. She is capable of working peacefully and collaboratively with other people as one team. This character was exhibited when she managed to finish successfully her internship project in collaboration with one of our staff members. She has strong persuasive and motivational abilities. XXX Wu was able to motivate a group of fellow interns in our AG Representative Office to undertake certain projects that enable our organization to make marvelous progress in provision of financial services to clients. In addition to these, XXX Wu impressed me with her stress management skills and ability to work under pressure. She has high adaptability skills that enabled her to fit easily into our organization.

She is also respectful. She showed recommendable respect to me as her immediate supervisor, her peers, as well as other subordinate staffs.

b)Applicant’s Primary Talents and Strengths

XXX strengths lie more in her passion for success. During her internship period, she showed strong enthusiasm and zeal to succeed in whatever she was doing. She was ever eager to learn new things. This drive to learn would force her to undertake more challenging tasks that her peers were afraid of. For example, she initiated a public Financial Literacy Program (FLP) to educate local people on effective investment techniques. In my opinion, she is talented in public speaking and motivation of others. Her innovative and creative skills made it possible for her to develop and implement a Database Management System (DBMS) which we use to store information pertaining to all our support staffs. This proved to me that her capabilities and thinking are not restricted to only financial management but also cover the adoption and use of information technology in business operations.

Moreover, this young lady’s talents stretch and extend beyond the office or the classroom. XXX is a sportsperson. She is a top-performing volleyball player.

c)Areas the Applicant Requires Improvement and Growth

In my opinion, the major areas in which the applicant may need additional training and improvement are financial investment analysis, strategic management and entrepreneurial skills. She should be trained towards being a high profile and international manager and entrepreneur. In order to fully develop her leadership and motivational skills, she might require further training in the two fields respectively. She should acquire more professional consultancy skills, customer care and public relations skills to enable her handle effectively her clients in future.

Furthermore, XXX needs development of her technical skills, for instance, information communication technology, effective management of organizational operations and advanced or specialized computer packages such as Accounting QuickBooks and Sage Pastel.

Last but not least, I would recommend that she should be assigned a professional career mentor who would furnish her with professional advice on any issue pertaining to her career. This would nourish her career dreams and talent development to unimaginable levels. I highly recommend any assistance accorded to her that would enable XXX to foster her career.

For more information, please feel free to contact me.

Yours faithfully,


Questions on the Applicant. Custom Questions on the Applicant Essay Writing Service || Questions on the Applicant Essay samples, help

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