Leadership Proficiency and Military Experience


In search of a position where leadership proficiency and military experience will be of significant assistance to an organization in quest of enthusiastic, skilled as well as aggressive leaders.


Possesses a solid-rock physical security and a law implementation history of more than 7 years familiarity with security, police patrolling, weapons and management.


Playas, NM Playas Training and Research Center, Range Safety Officer                     2010 to Present          

Responsibilities and achievements:

  • Instrumental in day by day operations of range maintenance
  • Managing the standard operating procedures (SOP’s)
  • Instrumental in the Publishing operation order and SOP so as to support customer training activity
  • Assisting training of different military and law enforcement bodies
  • Accountable for range safety on 6 training venues

Ft Bliss, TX Platoon Sergeant, 501st Brigade Support Battalion                                              2005 to 2010

Responsibilities and achievements:

  • Responsible for day by day functions and training of more than 40 military personnel
  • Ensuring deployment of the correct group of security professionals to tackle all responsibilities
  • Ensuring emergency response actions
  • Organized, planned and directed unit small arms and provided crew weapons, training and field exercises

Deming, NM Surveillance/ Community Service Officer                                                           2005 to 2008

Responsibilities and achievements:

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  • Overseeing over 75 juveniles carrying out community service and probation
  • Managing application as well as monitoring of GPS bracelets on juveniles under house arrest
  • Instrumental in ensuring compliance of “at risk” juveniles by carrying out irregular drug testing

Everett, WA Supervisor Military Police Department US Marine Corps                       1998 to 2005             

Responsibilities and achievements:

  • Responsible for day-to-day operations and training military and Department of Defense police officers
  • Carrying out Guard Mount, examined personnel, giving out equipments and weapons

YUMA, AZ Aviation Administration Supervisor US Marine Corps                             1994 to 1998

Responsibilities and achievements

  • Managing as well as instructing 20 military personnel in different administrative assignments  
  • Dispensation of incoming/ outgoing materials and correspondences


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Standardized Field Sobriety Test         Instructor for LE Prevention of Terrorist Acts             

Anti-Terrorism Officer                         Data Master Program Permit                                

Naval Leadership                                Marine Corps Leadership

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