Career Development

Human resource management plays a core role in promoting the performance of an organization or business. Managers involved are tasked with developing strategies that aim at making good use of available human resources to realize good results economically. As such, their efforts augment the positive impact within the business environment and society. Therefore it is well known that human resource managers work towards identifying the needs of an organization, hiring the correct people and managing them in the most appropriate way. Aside from this, the human resource management oversees career development processes for its employees to equip them with marketable skills for better performance and meet changing needs of the organization (Strandberg, 2009). How do human resource managers achieve this?

One of these ways is the creation of alternative career paths for employees. This incorporates the skills of employees into what they desire to do or become. In other words, managers go ahead to discover the passion and dreams of its employees in order to address their needs (Strandberg, 2009). By doing so employees are able to have a positive attitude towards their jobs. As a part of career development, human resource managers also engage in cross-training of employees. This involves teaching employees new skills that fall outside of their job requirements, which allows workers to perform other duties whenever the need arises. Additionally, job rotation creates opportunities for employees to do different jobs within the same organization for the purpose of realizing set goals and objectives. Other ways in which human resource managers help employees to develop their careers include career coaching, flextime, job enlargement, job enrichment, job sharing, and phased retirement among others (Strandberg, 2009).

Reflecting on my career development, I see myself in a senior management position in five years to come, as most companies have a commitment to empowering employees through different programs of career development. The best way to assist in career development is by knowing individual career opportunities and recommended paths leading to such destinations. Through training, counseling and other methods mentioned above, it is possible to realize one's reasonable career development. With current career development opportunities, I believe that they will be sufficient for my needs.



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