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In the western Europe, the has been a creation of many empire states in the beginning of the 15th century, these developments were motivated by the need of securing and maintain the economic status plus the resources that were necessary in the maintenance of the wars that were getting waged against each other. Up to the period of the world wars in the early 20th century, almost the whole continent of Europe was in a vicious cycle of wars with each other and the key reason for these wars was for the economic reasons. These wars involved the use of the advanced and superior weapons of war. Among the powers that were caught in the conflict include the Britain, France and Spain n the process of colonization in America (David, 1998).

Spain was among the first European colonial domain, its colonies started with Christopher Columbus in the 15th century, and it got its rewards in the involvement of trade and the discovering of natural resources in the region, the colonies were essential sources of income for Spain. By the end of the 19th century, Spain had lost all the collies it had in America. The Spain had a tendency of setting up the correspondent of fiefdoms, whereby the ruler of a precise area was from Spain rather than one of the local people. The Spanish colonizers also had a higher occurrence of interrelating with the First Nations that resulted in the current distinction between the Latinos and Spanish (David, 1998).

The French technique was not large scale colonization in America, their main interest was in trade, and their main reason of the French settlement in the America region was on the grounds of modern Quebec. The French Empire undertook the same incident as the British in that after World War 2 it was methodically dismantled and often reinstated by US power (Jack, 2007). The English developed large-scale colonies in America, but unlike the Spanish colonizers, the leaders of the America colonies usually came from those colonies rather than from Britain. The English colonies were also more diverse as they had groups from Germany, Scotland, Sweden and the Netherlands. They were also more religiously different as some of the colonies were Anglican, but others were English Catholics (Jack, 2007).



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