The Venetians

The Venetians learn of their mistake and can only start preparing for the worst. They fortify their towns and seek help from the neighboring kingdoms. Their allies include; the Lexovii, the Osismi, the Namnetes, the Morini, the Ambiliati, the Menapii, and the Diablintes. The Venetian forts are built on humongous rocks, which are not, accessible from land when the tide is high and unapproachable from the ocean when the wave is ebbing. This makes the war difficult, for every time Caesar manages to create devices to abolish the towns, the adversary counters by cruising away with all their provisions from the sea and escaping to another fortress. Furthermore, Ceasar’s battleships are not suited for fighting in the adverse weather conditions that persist throughout winter. When Ceasar calls for additional troops, they are sighted by the Venetians and are accosted by two hundred and twenty Venetian battleships. Brutus, the commander in charge of the Roman troops devices a way to immobilize the Venetian battleships and sets off on the offence. The Venetian troops are destroyed, and they surrender to Ceasar.

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