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Memorial Coliseum

The Memorial Coliseum is a ground that has acted as a host to quite a good number of the proficient athletic teams and national melodious acts of the city. With regard to Portland's Rose Quarter, particularly Oregon, this arena is among the oldest structures erected here. The arena has been hosting a lot of sporting events including indoor games since it was opened. Even though this coliseum is owned by the city, the Oregon Arena Corporation operates it. This corporation is also in charge of the Garden of Rose. The Coliseum is located in Portland.

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The building of Memorial Coliseum was concluded in the year 1960. The following year, in the month of January, the coliseum was opened. It was marked as the only arena in the Pacific Northwest that was ‘transparent’. It boasts of an eighty thousand square feet of glass. In addition, the height of the coliseum is fifty feet. The height of the coliseum has contributed to the magnificent sight of Portland. This is particularly seen from a birds eye view. At the time of its opening, it was among the major grounds located in the Pacific Northwest that were used for multi-purpose activities.

The Coliseum has several ties. For instance, it was used as the original home of Portland’s Trailblazers, an NBA team. This was up to the time when the team relocated to Rose Garden. The Coliseum further hosted the finals of the NCAA’s Basketball Tournament. This was in the year 1965. In the recent time, the coliseum has hosted the Davis Cup. This event took place in the year 2007. Currently, this facility acts as a host of the Western Hockey League’s team, Portland Winterhawks.

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There exist various unique features in the Coliseum. To begin with, there are nine thousand fitted seats that are permanent. In addition, there is a space that can accommodate about fourteen thousand individuals once chairs and bleachers are fitted in. The location of the coliseum is suitable and easy to access as it is bordered by quite a number of golf courses. These include the Eastmoreland and Broadmoor golf courses. A glass of approximately eighty thousand square feet covers the exterior part of the Coliseum. This glass makes the building appear as a slanting skyscraper. This only happens whenever the covering of the windows has not been done. The window’s curtains are the biggest and continuous curtains that can be found in the U.S. The renowned architectural firm, Skidmore Owings Merrill, was responsible for designing this curtain as well as the building. Additionally, the curtain is fireproof.  Its design enabled the curtain to be concealed in the seats’ final two rows. The construction of these curtains was in fifteen sections that could close together.

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In the year 2009, the Coliseum arena was included in the Historic Places’ National Register. This took place in the month of September. The construction of this arena, by the Portland’s Hoffman Construction Corporation in late nineteen fifty’s was regarded as “a technological feat of engineering and operation unrivaled by any other large civic structure in the Pacific Northwest”. Up to date, the building is still unchanged from its original design. The Coliseum’s monumental spring located in the lower-floor of the court is decorated with an honor roll that is engraved in a black granite wall. Here, there is a list of the Oregonians who were executed during the twentieth century fighting. The public has had several proposals as to where the Coliseum ought to be. For instance, the Trail Blazers wishes it to be at the Rose Quarter, opposite an anticipated Nike center.

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