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Frappier states that we need other people to confront us so that we can perform a cross examination on ourselves. Conflict and confrontations from other people as a basis of changing or learning ideas depend on the viewpoints that people hold. Some people argue that conflicts and confrontations do not help people learn or change their ideas. Others argue that conflicts and confrontations help us change and learn ideas. This paper inquires whether conflicts and confrontations from other people help us change or learn new ideas.

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People, who argue against this notion, state that conflicts and confrontations from other people do not help others to change the views they hold about certain ideas. They argue that conflicts and confrontations make people reason and act under pressure. This does not reflect their inner desires from where the urges to change should originate. They argue that, even though, people pretend to change, when the conflict and confrontation fades away, they go back to their previous viewpoints.

The argument these people bring forth is not true. Conflicts and confrontations from other people help us to change and learn new ideas. They help us, sometime, to see reality that we refuse to see. When people confront us, they hit us with facts about our misdoings, and the ways on how we should have done what we did incorrectly. This way, we learn new ideas. Although, it might not be the best way we want to learn new ideas, but they help us to change (Karen and Kirst-Ashman, 2008).

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For example, children often make mistakes. When they make mistakes, parents, older siblings and any other person responsible for them confronts them. Sometimes, the confrontation may involve caning them. When they come out of the confronting situation, they reflect a kind of learning. They refrain from repeating the mistake they did.

Confrontations and conflicts from other people help people reflect on the consequences that result from their actions. This helps them learn or change the ideas they hold.  For example, my friend once left cooking gas burning and went to play. When his father came home, he found the gas on and burning. He turned off the gas, and went out looking for my friend. When he met him, he confronted him. He quarrelled telling him about the consequences of leaving gas on burning. He even slapped him out of anger. Since that day, my friend learnt and changed his ideology about being careless. Today, he makes sure that he puts off anything that should be off. He even advises us to put off electric sockets, taps and other things. Therefore, this shows that conflicts and confrontations can help us learn or change our ideas about things.

Conflicts and confrontations from other people help us reflect on our mistakes and change. Although they make unpleasant experiences, they work towards learning and change. For example, my father once confronted me because of poor school results. He did it in a way that made me feel bad. This made me think of the importance of education, and my future depended on it. This made me focus on my education. This paid, and I improved in my grades. This happened because I did not want a repeat of the same confrontation ever.

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Conflicts and confrontations from other people help us see reality in different ways. They bring up issues that we as individuals ignore their importance. Confrontations open the truth of realities that we fear experiencing. They help us encounter our mistakes. They also open issues that we are afraid to face. In doing this, it helps us reflect on the truth and reality that we should face. This makes us change the ideologies we hold and become better people.

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