Estate Planning

How would you assess the flow of this essay?

The flow of essay is quite vulnerable. Because it has continues writing without making a transition of thoughts into multiple paragraphs. Hence, every thought should be paragraphed and must have smooth transition of ideas form one paragraph to other.   

What point in the essay really caught your attention? When did the essay lose effect?

Keeping in mind the essay's topic "The reasons estate planning is so important" and after careful reading of text. If it is about keep regularizing and taking care of estate and not about the economic aspects of estate planning. Then, the point in the essay is very realistic that everyone should keep in mind the occurrences of life ahead like disability or death of property owner. It can create mess situation if the measures not be taken before like a written will to the heirs before death and or authorizing someone to take care who can do the best. I think this point really caught attention.

The essay loses the attention from its startup because of imprecise thesis statement and weak startup. The first impression of essay does not possess an influential impact on the reader.

Does this essay maintain a singular focus (central theme) throughout the entire document? Is the focus of the essay clear? Why or why not?

No! The essay does not maintained singular focus throughout the entire document. The thesis statement does not have any theme and the rest of essay is also wandering in many thoughts without pursuing a singular theme.

How would you rate the essay's thesis?

Thesis is very weak and quite lengthy. I would rate it three out of ten because of its length and general statement. Moreover, the thesis statement is unable to grab the reader attention.

Does the essay use effective transitions as it progresses from paragraph to paragraph?

The essay doesn't have paragraphs; it's a continued writing without making a transition of thoughts into multiple paragraphs. Therefore, it does not make sense.

Does the message of the essay ever fall apart, contradict itself, of rely on logical fallacy? What could be done to correct this?

The artistic part of the essay is missing. Writer should present the information in an effective manner to grab the reader attention. The logic is not all, the universal truth is not enough, and the predefined measures are not end. But, presenting them in an effective manner is valuable writing. I think the aspect of effective writing is missing and essay needs correction.

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Is this essay appropriate for a college-level audience? 

Not at all, because the thesis statement is not clear the discourse is not appropriate and the effective writing is not properly utilized. Therefore, this piece of writing work is not appropriate for college level audience.

Does the essay establish clear examples that connect to the overall point if the essay?

No! Because the essay has a weak writing style, a common thought without proper discourse and transitional paragraphs.

Does this essay meet the guidelines for the particular assignment? 

I do not have the guidelines of this essay that is why can't comment exactly. But, in general it does not make sense.

Does this essay use colloquialisms (common phrases), a non-scholarly tone, or cliché?

Yes! There are common phrases used in this essay which even do not make sense and the non-scholarly tone and or cliché. 

Is there anything in this essay that could have been left out without losing its effect?

It should be paragraphed and should have an introduction, the body paragraphs with transitional hook and an effective conclusion. These are the ingredients to present a well expressed essay.

Is there anything else that could have been added to this essay to make it feel more complete?

Overall essay need corrections. But, specifically a strong introduction, logical body paragraphs and an effective conclusion is must for a good essay.    

What have you learned about your own writing through the reading and reviewing of this essay? 

It is helpful to review own work and make the sense before write. Here comes the importance of planning, everything needs planning and planning guarantees the success.

While reading this essay, what did you learn about the subject this essay examines?

It is planning, I learn about the subject this essay examines that everybody has to be planed to defuse the mess situations especially in the estate related matters.

What do you admire about this piece of writing?

It is a good effort by the writer, it will educate him about try and learn formula. In fact, try and learn formula is the only way to become a successful in any field.



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