Why Black Women/Men are not Being Promoted


The main reason as to why black women and men are not being promoted is because they feel undermined and hence they end up withdrawing their typical skills. As a result, they fail to have a valid representation in organizations. Still, many blacks are not promoted because of the stereotypes that blacks are less professional and less skilled as well. In my opinion, blacks should also be given equal opportunity with everyone even during promotions. The job promotions are supposed to be awarded following the merit of the candidates or the employees regardless of the race.


Many black women feel undermined that is why end up hiding their genuine individual styles and also skilled perspective to be convectional to the majority of the culture that why they cannot deliver fully or  even  represent themselves in an organization and hence they lose the privilege  to reconnect and interact with others. Several researches that have been carried out reflect that black women who show high levels of commitment in an organization achieve this after interaction with others. The groups they associate with offer them valuable networking options education possessions and in addition to that mentoring programs that expose black women to leadership opportunities which helps them acquire skills and this can increase the chances of being promoted.

Most black women aspire to promoted as leaders but their efforts are frustrated since about 80 percent think racial discrimination affects their effectiveness to be promoted as leaders that why they don't  put effort in their work . Many fail to be promoted due to existing stereotypes that is oppressing their potential and talents and also poor deployment of their skills and education leads them to dead-end jobs which make them have poor attachment when it comes to work. About 62 percent have mentality that they can only be committed to work when they are appreciated but this can rarely happen this has left them frustrated  and they add  no extra effort  that why they are  awarded no promotion.

According to me, people should be awarded job opportunity on who has the ability and is effective irrespective of their race, gender or even religion. The jobs promotion should awarded mostly on merits and how effective an individual can perform in that position not according to their  race but on  accountability. Black women are just as capable of taking up high profiled or managerial positions just like whites since they show high level of commitment after the interact with others and also most black women concentrates more in education.



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