Community of Learning

Principals play a key role in ensuring that that the scope of their educational service is and practice is broadened. However as they attempted to ensure that their goal is fulfilled, they face so many challenges as observed by Colgan in his article "Inviting the outside in". This paper will therefore explain these challenges as outlined by Colgan.

First of all it is very apparent that many languages spoken by students other than English is a great challenge to broadening the services provided. This makes many students unable to comprehend the information taught in English because of poor command of the language. There are also financial challenges among the students they teach. This situation is however aggravated by as outlined by Colgan (2003), "incompatibility between some aspects of principal's leadership and objectives of FSSI" that sometimes hampers development. This is because of lack of "consistent engagement and collaborative leadership".

Community involvement also serves as challenge to principals because it is very hard bringing some parents and the community at large on board to help in developing the institution. Colgan (2003) identifies language barrier as the main reason as note that surveys have to be done in many languages, for example, eight to ensure that most members of the community are reached.

There are many meetings involved in the running of the school and this calls for a lot time being consumed to ensure that the meetings come through. This in turn gives the principal little time to broaden the scope of their services. The small number of teachers as compared to students is also a challenge in schools as it is 30 students to one teacher. The space has also never been enough in classrooms.

To sum up the whole discussion about challenges that principals face, it has to be emphasized that community involvement and engagement is one of the major factor for success but also have to very careful as it in itself very challenging to have very many people working on together.



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