From Ping Pong to Leadership

I started to play Ping Pong when I was about ten years old. My Dad was a good Ping Pong Player, and he said that I had talent for this sport. For the past three years in my high school, I have been engaged in professional table tennis training, playing for 6-7 hours a week. My achievements in Ping Pong include Gold Medal Winner (Under 18 Doubles), Singles Bronze Medal Winner (under 18) and Team Bronze Medal Winner (Under 18) in 2011 AAU National Junior Olympic Games, Singles Champion (U18) in 2011 Georgia Games, and among others.

I have done a lot through my passion for table tennis in my high school. When I joined the Ping Pong club in my high school, there were only about 10 members in the club but this number has considerably grown since then to reach 140 in fall of 2011due to my influence. At my 10th grade, I was promoted as the manager of the club. Besides running the routing activities, I organized a school-wide try-out to form a first school team. My leadership was revealed by the try-out. The try-out was carefully organized, planned and intensively promoted. We formed a team of twenty five players from over 60 candidates. Later, I led the team to win the championship in Georgia High School Table Tennis Tournament. Shortly after the tournament, I was elected as president of the club.

Our club became very famous under my leadership. Through series of planned promotion activities like email connection, post board, club exhibits in cafeteria, play shows, trophy show, and interior tournament try-out, and our club members increased dramatically. Every week, our club was one of the most active clubs in the school gym area. In fall of 2011, the registered students for Ping Pong club had reached over 140. I didn’t limit myself within the school and looked forward to a statewide campaign to promote Ping Pong. I was very active and was one of the two directors in 2011 AAU Olympic Game Georgia District Qualify Tournament. I was also one of three organizers of 2011 The Invitational Atlanta Table Tennis Team Tournament. On top of that I have been a volunteer every Sunday afternoon as an assistant coach in the Ping Pong Training Center of Atlanta Contemporary Chinese Academy (ACCA), which is the biggest Chinese non-profit organization with over 1000 registered students.

I will be a college student soon and am willing to do the same as I did in my high school for Ping Pong. I believe I am capable of developing ping pong players in college no less than I did that in my high school. As the organizer for Atlanta’s junior table tennis tournament before, I know that there are more than a hundred Junior Players in Georgia. I hope that when I attend the UC Campus Community College, I will be one of your future choices because there is a good Ping Pong Club there for me and others to continue playing this sport that we love.



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