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Dubai Emirates

Dubai Emirates, the most popular of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates is different from the other emirates due to the fact that its income from the petroleum and the natural gas accounts for 6% of its basic domestic product. Very few countries in the world have experienced the high incomes and development in the less that five decades that is comparable to that of the United Arab Emirates in history (Muhammad135). Dubai  emirates is one of the emirates that with time has transformed from its old state to modernized and advanced with the new technology and became the most popular emirate of the United Arab Emirates.

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In 1966, there was the discovery of oil; Dubai and the emirate of Qatar were created in order to replace the existing gulf Rupee. In December 1971, Dubai, Abu Dhabi as well as five other emirates joined to form the United Arab Emirates after Britain that was the initial protector left the Persian Gulf in the same year. Dubai and the other emirates adopted a common and uniform currency that was the United Arab Emirates Dirham; foreign countries during this era were not allowed to import or export labor and capital by the U.K. that was in control by then. Dubai Emirates continued to develop from its revenues that were generated from the sale of oil products and trade. This was a period of time that the city was hit by economic crisis when the local people were seen fleeing from Lebanese civil war. This was one of the main factors that led to the modernization of the Dubai Emirates (Muhammad 137).

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The emergence of the new and modernized Dubai Emirates was after the departure of the UK in their area in 1971; this involved the allowing the foreign countries to have import of labor and export of capital that was not restricted anymore. This was an approach that was aimed at expanding the revenues for the Dubai branch of the United Arabs Emirates. In 1973, the changes included the dissolving of the monetary union with Qatar leading to the formation of the United Arabs Emirates Dirham; these were the first vital steps of the modernization of Dubai emirates. Today, the new Dubai emirates have emerged as one of the best airlines in the world. The modernization of the airline has included the designing of aircrafts that are less fuel consuming unlike, in the old days, when the conservation of fuel was never a major issue, for instance, the Dubai airlines has developed the Airbus A380 that has an engine alliance GP7200 that can save an approximate of 500,000 liters of the aviation fuel in a year in comparison to the average aircrafts (USA International Business Publications 70). The aircrafts have also been designed to be environment friendly.

The old Dubai Emirates is an organization that was focused on establishing itself and creating a stable market, however, it was faced by challenges such as the Lebanese war that witnessed the migration of many civilians from the region. Therefore, at the time, the main objective of the old Dubai Emirates was to increase the income and the creation of constant and stable markets. On the other hand, the modern Dubai Emirates is an organization that has gone beyond the aims of increasing its income; it is also being environment friendly and offers the best services to its customers.

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The Dubai Emirates has a major motive of a significant modernization of the air travel business via the lowering of the emissions from the aircrafts in order to ensure that there is conservation of fuel and maintenance of a natural unpolluted environment. This is a unique motive as most of the modernized aircrafts companies aim at increasing the incomes from various revenues as their major goals. The modernization of the Dubai Emirates has resulted in a remarkable economic growth and development; form the year 2007 to 2009, there was an income of approximate 170 billion dollars (USA International Business Publications 72). Dubai Emirates is focused on the promotion of an economic agenda that is created around a financial liberalization and diversification, thus enhancing the responsibility of the private quarter.

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