The entry of Gazelle in the in the refurbished electronics market presents many opportunities. There is increased government effort to keep the country clean of electronics wastes. The green revolution campaign emphasizes conscious recycling in which citizens are expected to trade in their used electronics for money to purchase quality ones.

Due to the recent recession, many people cannot afford the luxury of new electronic products. It will be easier for such clients to purchase used electronic products in good conditions. In this position of willing sale of used electronic products to keep the green revolution going and the wiling buy of the same based on the effects of recession, Gazelle will clearly have its targeted market segment.

To navigate the penetration difficulties, the company can go into partnerships with retailers to ensure all consumers are reached. This will be strategically executed to ensure the presence of the company in many parts of the country as possible.

Going by the recent statistics of the number of various electronic products usage per household in the country, it is clear that Gazelle has picked the right business. Further, since the business concept of buying and selling refurbished electronic product is relatively new in the country, confirmed by the huge electronic waste that is now costing government billions to clear, it is easy for the company to curve itself a niche.

Based on Moore’s law, new electronic product models are introduced in the market every two years. While there remains a burning desire to reflect the latest trends, there is no financial capacity to keep fashion. Gazelle offers the consumers opportunity to sell old technology in order to upgrade to the latest. All these factors point to potential success of gazelle in this business concept.



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