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Racial discrimination has remained in the minds of people in the society despite efforts to eliminate this scourge. The killing of an innocent 17 year old teen in his town has showed the injustices and race discrimination that exist in the neighborhoods. Although there has been a lot of effort to reduce the incidents of racial and gender discrimination all over the world, there seems to be little emphasis that is put to fight against the vice of discrimination. A glance at the global trends reveals that the scourges of ethnic and gender intolerance are far from being fully eliminated. The difficulty of eliminating discrimination lies within the social psychology of the society. Gender and race are the two most common grounds for discrimination and they are perceived to share similar manifestations of the underplaying phenomenon. Therefore, the eradication of gender and racial prejudice can be attained through better understanding of the similarities and differences between the two. This can enhance the mitigation of the scourge which still exists in the modern society (Sneed, 2012).

Discrimination is based on the concept of social dominance, where a dominant group enjoys the disproportionately positive social value, while the subordinate group suffers from disproportionately negative social value. This has led to the emergence of groups which take advantage of the less privileged groups in an effort to spread racial discrimination.

Discrimination of the white in relation to the black community is rife, though a lot of effort has been done to curb the vice. The black community youth has been stereotyped to be involved in criminal activity and drug business, which makes them being perceived negatively in the society. The shooting of Trayvon depicts stereotyped perception and discrimination associated with black society. This discrimination emanated from the perception that black society is poor, uneducated, and often involved in criminal activity.  This has led to an enhanced discrimination and securing of jobs from the black community because of existing negative perceptions of the white community. This still remains the problem despite numerous efforts, which have improved the lives of the blacks in conformity to the modern society standards.

Discrimination can be attributed to dominance issues in different societies, where males dominate over females in the workplace. This is due to the fact that dominant males have a greater opportunity to dominate over subordinate males and females. It is not likely for a dominant male to discriminate against a minority female who earns less than a minority male, as the positions desired by the dominant groups can not be reached (Sneed, 2012).

The continued discrimination has led to the emergence of racist groups which are aimed at protection of their identity. The illustration of this is the case of Trayvon, where an arbitrary group has empowered itself to protect and enhance justice to their society.  The emergence of such groups is caused by the ignorance of the dominant people to contribute to the fighting against this vice which creates a silent and harmful discrimination group.

Such groups are initiated with the aim of spreading racial discrimination and in most cases prompted by the privileged people in the society. These influential people use their status in hindering efforts to stamp out the vice of discrimination. Most importantly, the understanding of discrimination and aggression by groups is not complete due to the fact that the male groups are not only the perpetrators of the inter-group oppression, but they also fall in the category of primary and deliberate targets of this oppression as well.

 In order to eliminate the plague of gender and racial discrimination it is important to have a proper understanding of what these phenomena’s functions rather than considering it as a product of improper socialization due to ignorance. Discrimination is as a result of human primate social organization. The elimination of this vice can also be accelerated by the willingness of the dominants to admit that discrimination exists in the modern society and stop denying the existence of this ugly reality (Sneed, 2012).

The Trayvon Martin Case. Custom The Trayvon Martin Case Essay Writing Service || The Trayvon Martin Case Essay samples, help

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