Many people have a notion that a good writer is the one who writes articles with no grammatical mistakes. My high school teacher disagrees with this and tells us that a good writer is the one who can attract and retain readers through his work. My teacher adds that a good writer writes a lot on almost everything; starting from history and daily duties, up to ideas and thoughts. Moreover, excellent writing requires extensive reading to enable improvement of both grammar and vocabulary usage.

Personally, I could not consider myself a good writer. I only wrote when I was made to or when there was something I could not express verbally. This raises many problems for me, especially while writing compositions. I remember one instance, when we were given a composition to write in high school and I had no idea on how to begin. It took me a lot of time to think about what to write and I ended up collecting incomplete work. My writing skill was only used to copying class notes, writing exams, and keeping my diary. In the diary, I just kept a record of what I had done during the day. I did not always include my feelings in it. This is because I was confused about what I felt and preferred to keep it to myself to avoid getting hurt. I could not write better since I had not many close friends in high school. Everybody was in his or her own world. No one bothered the life and performance of another.

On realizing my weakness, I decided to get support from a friend. I approached Mary, who was ahead of me in the class, to assist me on improving my writing skills. She was one of my close friends. She agreed to help and gave me some articles to read, asking to write my opinion about them. She could mark and correct the mistakes that I did and let me do some corrections. She could also give me topics to write on a daily basis. I put a lot of effort and can write better now. She encouraged me, and I could no longer feel lonely.

I have ever since learnt that hard work pays, and a friend in need is a friend in deed. It is good to have a close friend who can help at times of need, just as Mary did. People should also be concerned with the whereabouts of others. They should recognize and give moral support to each other to avoid loneliness and depression.



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