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The Civil War began when the United States’ southern states of “Alabama, South California, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Georgia,” formed the Confederate States (Ssortment, 2011). The Confederate States planned to attack Fort Sumter. Lincoln tried to block the war by barring the Southern from getting goods from the north. The goods included guns and cloths which the Southerners could not manufacture. The first war took place under the command of General Thomas Jackson. The Northerners were defeated which forced Lincoln to change his General to McClellan George. During his service as a General, George led the bloodiest war at Maryland. McClellan won the war and Lincoln chose to free slaves in areas that experienced rebels but did not free slaves in areas that were governed by the Unions. This changed the war from that which could make the unions exist to that which freed slavery.

Lincoln opted to change the General again. He appointed General George Meade who led the Gettysburg Civil War. It took place on 1st July 1863 and led to the victory of the Unions. They killed almost a quarter of General Meade’s army. Lincoln personally chose to travel to Gettysburg to deliver his speech. The speech, known as the “Gettysburg Address” and was two hundred and seventy two words long, was welcomed since it did not mention anything to do with the war or slavery (Ssortment, 2011).

The Gettysburg defeat made Lincoln to change his Generals once again. He chose Grant Ulysses who captured many territories of the Confederate States and won many wars including the Vicksburg. He made plans to capture Richmond and Lee. He completely demolished all avenues that Confederacy used to get fighting materials. They include destruction of railroads, factories and what they planted (Ssortment, 2011). Lee gave up and it was very sad to the Confederacy as they were now overpowered and they could not proceed with the war.


Lincoln’s assassination came at a time when the Civil War was at its final stages. At first, John Wilkes Booth and other six people planned to kidnap him and take him to the Confederate’s capital, Richmond. Unfortunately for the assassins, Lincoln did not go to the place where he was to be kidnapped. Booth thereafter changed his kidnapping plan to assassination plan. Having learnt that Lincoln was to attend an occasion at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C., he decided to attend and assassinate him with two of Lincoln’s possible successors; the Vice President Andrew Johnson and secretary of State William Seward (History.com, 2012).  When Lincoln arrived at the occasion, Booth shot him at the back of his head and also shot Rathbone, who confronted him, at the shoulder and escaped from Washington using a Horse. Lincoln later died.

What Makes Unique?

Abraham Lincoln, unlike many presidents, is unique since he values human life. He believes in equality of all human beings irrespective of their color, race or religion. He is also a brave leader. He advocated and fought for ending slavery at a time when many people could not allow that. At one point he condemned the Supreme Court and the then President Buchanan for their support for slavery. He was determined to ending slavery and fought for it until he won. Moreover, he had unique leadership style. When elected as the president, he made a cabinet which comprised of many people from the opposition, a decision which many presidents can hardly make. He also responded uniquely to crisis; when the civil war began, he ordered release of two million dollars from treasury for purchase of military equipment without approval from the congress, recruited about seventy five thousand “volunteers” into the military, and arrested Confederates without any “warrant of arrest” (bio, 2012).

Impact on my Life

Abraham Lincoln’s life has greatly impacted my life both morally and socially. The humble background he grew up in teaches me that a person can become a leader despite of whichever family background he comes from. He did odd jobs like welding and splitting wood but this did not distract him from achieving his dreams. His continuous fight to end slavery at a time when it was highly supported by the government teaches me that it is good to stick to ones view even if it might not be supported by the highest authority in the land. This fight is what elevated him to the highest seat.


Abraham Lincoln was brought up from a humble background. His strong opposition to slavery made him rise and become the president. Civil war erupted during his tenure - a war that was fought in order to end slavery. He was later assassinated at Ford’s Theater in Washington D.C. by John Wilkes Booth.

Abraham Lincoln’s Life. Custom Abraham Lincoln’s Life Essay Writing Service || Abraham Lincoln’s Life Essay samples, help

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