Critical Evaluation of the Poll

This poll was purposely done on one of the world’s major concern of the future called ‘Global Warming’. Its sponsor is Pew Research Center and organized this poll on Nov. 9-14, 2011. The main concern of the agenda was actually to spread and make some analysis of whether the people know and are aware of the concept of global warming and its consequences.

The­ poll was simply based on asking questions from the members of the public. A representative sample considers the aspect of whether the right people are interviewed and how precise your surveys need to be. After the data was collected the interviewers had to consider each and every element and through logical reasoning further conclusions are drawn.

The margin of the error was estimated to be ±3. This was in order to cope with any deviations that might have gone with the tally of the sample. The population in which the data was collected is from adults mainly from the year 2006 to 2011 at national level. The manner in which the questions were framed depended mainly on the situation at hand. The questionnaire mainly asked questions which were related to the current situation and tried to get an answer on the most probable steps he would take. The questions were very simple to a common person and their responses were recorded.

The type of survey questions asked, actually reflected what the respondent was expected to form opinion from. The interviewer selected the topics that had the information on which the people will base their opinion about and have information. The response rate of the poll was approximated to be between 90- 92% of all the sample size willing to respond. There was a slight difference between the polls obtained from the other polls. This was attributed to the fact that different polls were taken at different times and by different people.

The result of the polls was a clear indication of the manner in which people view the concept of global warming and the consequences attached thereof. This survey also helped the interviewer to analyze how many people are truly aware enough to take serious steps to stop this disaster. Several such research polls need to be taken so as to increase the awareness to the members of the public about the ‘Global Warming’ and its consequences.



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