Job Evaluation

Jobs are classified according to hierarchies or grades with each cadre carrying a description associated with job titles. In job classification, each cadre has its own features which are assigned in accordance with the appropriate standards of grading jobs. In addition, each job grade has its own wage or salary scale. These grading standards, accord jobs varied categories according to the aspects involved in the job. These aspects that bring out the differences in each job include skills and knowledge required in the job, duties, among others. Other aspects such as labors jobs and trade aspects create job grading mainly along the lines of occupation.

The grading standards, in this case, do not describe the entire job but rather gives the key characteristics of occupations distinguishing different levels of work. The standards define these characteristics by providing a basis for assigning the appropriate grade level to each position.

The purpose of this paper, however, is to compare the advantages and disadvantages of classification method Vis a Vis ranking method. One advantage of classification method is that it is simple, and a category structure that is independent of the job exists. It therefore, means that it is easy to classify a job using this method than ranking method. It disadvantages include subjectivity in classification method, biasness in the structure which might affect certain groups of employees such as females or minorities, and lastly some jobs normally appear to get into more than one group or category.

Ranking method involves comparison of jobs on the basis of its overall worth to the organization. The worth of the job is usually measured using parameters such as skills applied and job environment. Its advantages are that it is simple and effective when used to evaluate few jobs. Difficulty in administration, subjectivity, and comparing new jobs with the existing ones are some of the inherent weaknesses with the method. These are some of the aspects that characterize the classification and ranking methods used in job evaluation.

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