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Just Like any other community in the US, the continuous growth of the Latino community has lead to a great need for the Hispanics to retain their sense of history and culture, while still maintaining their American way of life. Therefore, in a bid to support and protect Hispanic traditions in the USA; the Latino leaders are expected to be the major supporters of the Hispanic community's customs. In this light, they have actually made a big step towards fulfilling that. For instance, they have made use of the Hispanic Heritage month festivity, held in September to enlighten the masses about the rich culture and history of Hispanics. They have also set up organizations and associations, through which they sponsor the Hispanic culture and arts. There are numerous such organizations, like the National Association of Latino Arts & Culture.

These associations and organizations address the cultural and artistic needs of Latino communities in the United States. They contribute to the artistic and cultural creations by providing the Latino artists with support, advocacy, networking, development and partaking policy deliberations with the government to enhance the importance of embracing and representing the cultural diversity presented by the Latinos in their music, films, paintings and other artistic works in the field. This encourages the Hispanic community to show present their arts in the USA in a more profound way.

Through educating the Hispanics and non-Hispanics on the rich Latino heritage, the leaders have made another major stride in safe guarding the future of the Latino culture. These leaders carry out the education programs through community projects, whereby they get to educate the public on various Hispanic traditions-a culture that is rich in heritage and history, and one that can co-exist with both the American and Texan cultures. By inculcating their culture with that of other American communities, the Hispanics feel they are not compelled to loose touch with their roots, since their traditions are greatly appreciated by the other communities.

Famous Hispanic leaders like Susana Martinez, Brian Sandoval and Marco Rubio, just to mention a few are some of the major promoters of the Latino history and culture in the USA. These leaders who have served in the USA government have enabled the acculturation and assimilation of Hispanics in the USA. These leaders have given their community a level of political freedom through their visual presence in the government, which makes the Latinos feel that they can keep their language and culture without the fear of discrimination. With such an assurance, parents feel it is essential to teach their kids how to speak Spanish and also retain most of their customs without the fear of prejudice by other communities.

Living in a nation with different communities, the Latino community should adapt on how to co-exist with the other groups. Consequently, the Hispanic leaders should aim at clearing confusions about their culture by teaching the Law enforcers of the specific Spanish phrases which the Latino community uses, in order to ensure misunderstandings do not arise between the two groups as regards their cultural and traditional issues. This measure would come in handy for the officers, more so when dealing with the Spanish-only speakers. With a common understanding of a particular community's beliefs and traditions, it is easier for these ethnic groups to handle their differences better.

The leaders should also maintain an active involvement in the community affairs and volunteer in local organizations, in order to raise awareness and educate the Hispanics on their culture. This will ensure that the Latino community does not lose touch with their roots, nor do they remain in the dark for upholding their traditions.

Hispanic Traditions in the USA. Custom Hispanic Traditions in the USA Essay Writing Service || Hispanic Traditions in the USA Essay samples, help

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