What Determines Which Church School Students Attend

I would attend to a school that has good reputation and students perform well. This is because most of the Colleges always publish the test scores as well as the class ranks of entering classes. I would wish to go to a school where my friends are attending. I would also be persuaded by opinions, advice and comments from family members and friends. For example if in that school there are my friends or relatives, I would opt to join (Wood, 2012). The comments made on a particular school will shape my expectations on how a particular school is like. Family members also would give me advice of which school I am supposed to attend. I may also be attracted by my religious affiliations and decide to attend a school sponsored by my church.

I would also consider the school curriculum so that I can select the subjects which I am able to do well in as well as my favorites. Also the grading policy is an important factor. I would attend to a school that offers bus tours and sponsored activities (Wood, 2012). Also the fees charged in a particular school. I would want a church school in order to pay less fees than non members. The table below shows the advantage of being a member of a church school in terms of fees paid per two semesters.

Christian schools get sponsors from donors and churches. I would want to benefit from the same. Also, the extra curricular activities in schools such as ball games would make me aspire to join school as I like playing football. The public relations also play a great role in determining which school I will attend as everyone would like to be welcomed in a good manner.

Other factors that I would consider are whether the school offers the course I want to do and also if their library is well equipped with resources for research.

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