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Higher Education and Its Image

Education in higher institutions of learning has earlier on been provided in public institutions by the public authorities. The pressure of expanding together with the state’s fiscal constraints have made the governments have reforms that are market friendly so as to support the sector of higher learning which is growing at a faster rate. The reforms are; promoting the establishing and the expansion of the private institutions, income generating and cost recovery measures in the public universities (Jandhyala, 2011). Students have now been travelling abroad for studies for the last few decades as a result of inadequate facilities or even as a result of being attracted to better opportunities of education in other countries and also the desire that students have to learn in new environments. The University of Wolverhampton is one that has really changed and especially the infrastructure. They have very modern facilities such as the one on the photo.

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The social economic relations are well demonstrated in the photos of the University of Wolverhampton.  The relationship between social life and the economic activities as well as the living environment are an important aspect in life. People believe and know for sure that higher education improves the social stand of an individual. It is evident that a graduate say for example, a doctor has better opportunities in impacting the society as compared with a drop out from high school.  The University of Wolverhampton is one that demonstrates a good environment. The buildings are very modern, especially the ones on the main entrance which is a demonstration that the facilities inside are also modern with high technology. The University has a capacity of about twenty three thousand students and therefore is expanding at a very high rate (Guardian.co.uk, 2009). This is an indication that the University will still build more campuses. The photograph also shows the chances of more employment opportunities because the buildings are big, meaning there are many departmental offices. This means that the students have opportunities to part time jobs, placements, positions of graduate levels and voluntary opportunities. The rates of graduate employments are very good in the university. The University seems to be near a main road and therefore students have an easy access to the shopping centers, to go out for cultural life and other activities.

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The University is quite big and therefore can accommodate students from all over the world. This creates a very friendly and lively environment for the students. They are able to interact and share ideas from different perspectives. The University also has highly qualified teaching staff and resources. They therefore prepare the students well for the future.

The nature of education in the University is such that they deliver to their students valued employability aspects through training them the skills necessary for the jobs and offering them with professional development degrees (WLVdialogue, 2012). This is evident by the fact that they have voluntary opportunities and part time jobs offered to the students. This boosts the working skills for the students who participate hence make better persons in the job market. The university environment is conducive for learning. The photo shows an environment which is cool, with no distractions and few activities taking place. Few people are seen walking around meaning that the students and the staff members are always busy in the rooms. There is a lot of collaboration provided by the local communities and the employees so as to bring a teaching revolution.  The modules and lectures are well set to enhance learning. They have lectures which extend even in late hours for the full timers. The lecturers are very much willing to assist the students such that they are available for consultations after lectures and even give out their email addresses to the students so that they can always ask questions through the emails. The learning centers also are well equipped with resources which enable the students do their research without any problems. The University also makes use of innovative methods of teaching. The students make use of ‘Pebble pad’ when they are in work placements so as to have contact with the tutors as well as the peer groups. This makes them capture their experiences and thoughts making them reduce the feelings of loneliness and isolation when in placements (WLVdialogue, 2012).

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In conclusion therefore, the photos of the University of Wolverhampton given a clear picture of the way social economic relations and nature of education are reflected in the buildings.

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