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MAS at Farleigh Dickson University

Administrative focuses on the study governance, managing and administrating the public. Major focuses of administrative science in the university bases on labor studies, skills in management, international laws, relations and security, economics and business laws. My background in bachelor in marketing and just concluded bachelor in arts instills an urge in doing a Master of Administrative Science at Farleigh Dickson University. To add on I have a good experience in banking having worked in the section for a while. I believe doing my master in Administrative Science will enable me accomplish my goal in working in one of the best compliance accounting firm in the USA.

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Requirements for the course at the university include completing at least 21 credits at the University. The student must also achieve an average grade point of 2.75 for the current semester they are taking and maintain an average cumulative grade point of 2.75. Warning comes for students receiving more than one C grades and receives academic probations there being no evidence of an academic improvement in their performance. Such students are likely to be withdrawn from the graduate study. Students must also take MADS 6612 Capstone Course Strategic Management Seminar.

Taking the course at the university will make me good in administration in a wide range of organizations both public and private profitable organizations. It will also increase my understanding of global transformations that affect the daily lives of citizens of the United States.  Since the course dedicates to developing professional leadership it will enable me cultivate unique potential and hence master knowledge needed for an effective leader in an organization. Taking the course will also make me able to make a difference by being able to create new opportunities and providing new workable solutions for the current centaury and the future times for any organizations, I am to administer afterwards.

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Masters of Science in Administration is an amalgam of two Master courses, which are Masters of Public Administration and Master of Business Administration. This will make me have adequate information in both public administrations and business administration hence having an upper hand over those that took the individual courses separately. On the other hand, taking a certificate in forensic accounting will make me understand the organization of white collar crimes hence as a manager, it will make me have an upper hand as far as dealing with white collar crime is concerned.  Not only managing employees but also monitoring their actions and handling of the organization’s funds will be easier as a manager with the content that comes with taking a certificate course in forensic accounting.

Master of Administrative Science contains information about organization behavior, finance strategy, marketing skills, operational management, skills and information about dealing with international business, skills in managing information technology, management of projects, supply chain management, understanding government policies and ethics all needed for making a good manager in an organization which is something I hope to be. Such knowledge was previously only available for those taking a Master of Business Administration and hence its inclusion in Master of Science in Administration is important. Information on microeconomics, management of public finance, methods of research and compiling statistics, policy process and analysis, the evaluation and measuring performance all come in with a Master of Public Administration. Since it is currently being included in taking a course in Master of Science in Administration, taking it will increase my efficiency in administering the public.

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The Master hence will make me attain my dream of working in one of the best compliance organizations in the United States since I will have an upper hand in dealing with both business management and the administration of the public in general. I joined the University because it is one of the best Universities in not only the US but also the whole world offering the course. The university makes sure graduating students have enough information on the course hence offering better chances of employment upon graduation.

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