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Observation of Berkeley Preschool

The results of an observation of Berkeley Preschool located at 260 N Kainalu Dr, Kailua, Hawaii gave a lot of insight on the efficiency of the learning process in the institution. Ms. Emma Jones was the teacher in charge at the time of this analysis; the class of 4-8 year-old children led to the distinct evaluation of the value of education at offer in the class. The class consists of 18 pupils and its area is within the 20-acre land of the education center housing. The observation took around four hours within the morning lessons.

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In summary, Ms. Jones moderated the class at a regulated pace to ensure that the class goes strictly according to the lesson plan. The pupils remained attentive throughout the lesson, showing enthusiasm for new concepts and participation. The behavior of the pupils was quite interactive. Ms. Jones was doing a great job involving the pupils in the learning process. Pupils were asking and answering questions, both as a group and individually. Charts, drawings and paintings on the class walls carry lots of information on the pupils. The comprehension of the subjects that Ms. Jones taught was commendable. Despite this, the concepts of the lessons kept on being repeated to ensure that pupils understand the new information.

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Apparently, Ms. Jones banked on repetition to enable the understanding of the lesson’s concepts. This is due to the fact that the young children have fleeting memories. Therefore, frequent revision of the topics they have covered during the lessons, will make the objectives of the lesson achievable. Ms. Jones’ patience enables her to accommodate both the fast and slow learners in the progress of the lesson. Ms. Jones kept her tolerance with the slow-learners, while showing equal interest to each student. The class has limited irrelevant material, reducing the instances of distractions during the lesson. The repetition within the lesson required regulation, as it could lead to the lagging behind of the lesson’s schedule.

Furthermore, Ms. Jones used Seguin’s Three Period Lesson to enforce the efficiency of repletion as a teaching method. This method begins with the introduction of a child to a piece of information (like a number, 1). The next step is to let the child explain or show the information that has been taught (like pointing to the number 1, when the teacher mentions it). The final step of the lesson was to let the child identify and explain the learned concept. This method requires a lot of patience, as every kid has to go through the process.

The observation showed that the students were comfortable around Ms. Jones, consulting with her whenever they had any problems or questions. All the pupils required the attention of the teacher, and at times Ms. Jones lost control of the class, since the enquiries of the pupils were tremendous. The teacher is in close relation to the students, since she stays with them during their whole school day. This leads to the development of both formal and informal relations between the pupils and the teacher. This type of close relation that Ms. Jones has with her pupils makes the learning process beneficial.

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Conclusively, the preschool owes the success of the pupils in Ms. Jones class to their talented teacher. Ms. Jones handles the children professionally to ensure their proper induction into the educational system. The use of repetition to teach the young students coupled with her patience which led to a fruitful learning session. The learning environment is fairly safe, as it occupies a suburban location with limited industries and traffic. This implies that the interruption of the learning process by noise or health problems due to pollution is minimal. This also proves that the location is safe for the students.

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