Ethical Problems Among Students

In an institution of learning by the students, a number of ethical problems may arise depending on the interpersonal relationship among the students. In most cases, students are fond of disregarding institutional governing policies and set guidelines or principles for the purpose of ensuring smooth running of the institution. Where the issue of ethical problems prevails, many cases of indiscipline will be reported at an alarming high rate. Some students may get themselves into drug abuse due to group influence and other contributing factors like addiction. Similarly, there may be cases of sexual immorality among students more especially in cases where the students stay far away from their parents. Immorality could be as a result of lack of finances to support the student’s upkeep while in school or as a result of personal desire to own valuables for recognition among other students. Such issues may lead to students disregarding education, violating the institutional rules and regulations thus tarnishing the name of the institution leading to ethical problems (Champion, 2006).

Consequently, some students may decide to indulge themselves in unethical vices like stealing of personal effects and valuables from their fellow students as a way owning what their fellow students own, or with an intention of selling them so as to get money for upkeep. When such case of ethical problems emerges in any institution of learning, the quality of education offered is being compromised and the name of the school tarnished. The society around such institution is thus demoralized with such behaviors to an extent that even the progress in terms of development will be impaired. Therefore such ethical problems may lead to many connections encompassing of criminal injustice with a clear intention of finding a solution to such moral limits by applying the laid down guiding policies of determining justice (Maxfield, & Babbie, 2012). Where these issues are found to infringe the human rights and the obstruction of royalty to the students, then it requires the application of the law within the corridors of justice.

Depending on the magnitude of the ethical problem and the extent at which the situation has worsened, appropriate measures deserve to be taken to take control of these situations and hence restoring it into normal. Where cases of introduction to these problems are realize by the new students, there is need to let them undergo counseling session as a way of giving room for change. With authority, I will ensure that the administration is acquainted with the gross misconducts of the students within the institution so that it gives advice accordingly. If some students are found to have characters, which have gone beyond, the ability of the counseling to restore them, the requirement of the law to find justice on those whose rights have been violated will be valid. Quite often, cases of robbery will be treated with a lot of integrity through the corridors of justice.

There will be need also to sensitize the students on the effects of drug abuse and the adverse effects of the body system. Appropriate measures will be ensured within the law though making a stern action on the violators. Most importantly, all the case of indiscipline and misconduct within the school ought to be taken serious with appropriate solution of suspension from school. The society around should be made aware on the importance of education and warned against activities that may lower the level of education resulting from the community. Finally, parents will be advised to work closely with the administration in ensuring that their children does not involve themselves into such vices which leads to ethical problems in the institution.

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