The University of Michigan

The award for an international scholarship was a novel opportunity for me to study abroad. Since then, I have constantly been thinking of a number of colleges that have commendable engineering departments. The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor stands out from all of them. My interest in engineering has been a driving force, since studying at a renowned institution with an impeccable engineering department will facilitate my engagement in the engineering field. It is my goal to become a pioneer and a priceless contributor to my country’s economic development.

The interview of Professor Jamie Philips was inspiring and motivating to me. His teaching methodology and his positive attitude to engineering are utterly captivating. In one of the interviews, he expressed his desire to see his students as “Facebook or Google inventors”. His encouragement for innovations and creativity boosts student’s morale to show exemplary results. I hope that there are more professors like Jamie Philips in of the University of Michigan.

Professor Philips hosted a solar powered vehicles competition on the official Youtube channel of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. When I saw the exuberance and excitement displayed by the ENG100 class students I understood they were a motivated and inspired group. I really want to be part of such a group. The people in the University of Michigan are very intellectual individuals who challenge and learn from each other. Sharing of ideas and dreams while striving to realize them in a friendly environment is characteristic of the University of Michigan’s community.

The invention of MABEL, the fastest robot on feet, and solar power research in the University of Michigan has fascinated me. The availability of up to date research equipments and facilities are a promise of the best education and practice of engineering. The university’s pursuit of green energy and attempts to mitigate the reduction of harmful gas emissions is to be emulated. The University of Michigan has one of the strongest engineering departments. Thousand of its notable alumni have contributed to changing today’s world. The professors’ and lecturers’ attitude towards their work aims at producing innovative and professionally mature individuals. Being a member of the University of Michigan’s fraternity is an ambition of many students; therefore, the opportunity to study there is an honor for me..



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