The Educational System of Qatar

The educational system of Qatar is set up to enhance the learning abilities and the success rate of all Qatari students. It is expertly engineered in a way, such that each student has equal learning opportunities and gives Qatari students an advantage when being plunged into the abyss, which is, the real world. There are many challenges each student will have to face in everyday life. The educational system put in place, and achieved to international standards will help the students that attend school in Qatar in many ways. However, there are a few weaknesses in the Qatari educational system that they need to have well educated students.

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The way that the Qatari educational system is set up, is very structured, consisting of four core subjects that include; Arabic, English, Science and Mathematics. Although English is considered a core subject and one of the basics, it is given in a very low level that will not support students to survive in college. Our secondary students are given a primary level of English. And this is one of the many reasons that not many Qatari students have the opportunity to study in the Qatar Foundation universities. The only solution we have for this issue now, is to start from the beginning and give our primary students a good amount of English classes and as they grow they can become fluent English speakers. As well as good educational structure, teachers and students work collaboratively to achieve each students potential, at an international standard which helps students who one day, may want to travel abroad and/or work abroad and gives each Qatari student the same opportunity and advantages that any other student would have, perhaps even to a higher standard and with higher self expectations.

Having coeducational schools are needed in order to prepare students for their life after school. This helps students to become well organized and to expect routine throughout their learning careers and ultimately throughout their lives as well. It is understandable that as we are Muslims we are expected to respect and follow our religion. But having same-sex-schools makes girls nervous about life after school, and makes boys more likely to focus more on girls then their education. I spent my whole life in private, mix-gendered schools and it was very normal when I went to the academic bridge program; which is a program to help students be prepared for university. I noticed they way boys and girls from independent schools were acting towards each other. It's not professional nor is it normal for a girl to be that frightened t o work in a group with a boy.  Internationally, it is normal for girls and boys to work simultaneously, which makes them act more professionally. Once again, the standard, which is achieved to an international height, comes into play and allows Qatari students to fairly compete for places in some of the most prestigious colleges in the world.                   

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