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The Significance of Paul’s Education

The Significance of Paul’s Education

The education that Paul received did prepare him to be a very effectual speaker. The education provided him with the knowledge to exploit the background of a particular group as an initial point to demonstrate how Jesus blends in with their philosophy. For instance, Paul’s extensive knowledge of the rabbinical writings and Torah permitted him to argue that Jesus was the realization of Messianic prophesies. His understanding of Greek philosophy and culture allowed him to reveal that Jesus was the best towards whom their theorists had been striving, and that in reality the Greeks had previously been worshipping Him as "the unknown God" ... only that they did not know his name. All of the strategies that Paul used did won converts (Acts, 17).

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As natural, the pride of man shines through in his failure to realize that God did and does not require us to spread his word. It appears the smarter we believe we are the dumber God recognizes we are. Paul was well-informed both as a Roman and Jew. He had an immense perceptive of Old Testament principles as well as being well versed in Greek academics. Because of this and his rhetorical abilities, Paul had the ability speak capably to both Gentiles and Jews and to use their own surroundings as a preliminary point for understanding Christ's new exposure of the doctrine of God’s grace.

We should study the truth and be more vigilant even with seminaries. God is our coach by His Holy Spirit. We need to learn to be approved before the eyes of God; to be workmen do not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth (Timothy, 2:1-8).

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