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School Prevention Programs

There is no doubt that delinquency prevention programs are important in every society as a way of dealing with criminal behavior among young people. Currently, there is enough evidence supporting the success of school-based prevention programs in many parts of the country. This approach is considered more effective and economical in reforming the behavior of misbehaving youths. However, policy makers continue looking into the ways of improving the efficacy of these programs and ensuring that they serve the community fully in restoring law and order among young people. School-based programs have been found to be the best investment with regard to the danger caused by misbehaving youths (OJJDP, n.d). These programs have consistently shown positive impact on youths through behavior monitoring, classroom management, and counseling among others. Through these, the programs aim at preventing young people from misbehaving when they become adults.

Delinquency laws

Juvenile delinquency remains a prominent and debatable issue in our society today. This issue was initially dealt with through rehabilitation of children who broke state laws by the introduction of a new start in getting into adulthood. The increase in the number of juvenile delinquencies led to the formation of laws which were meant to give direction on how to rehabilitate and curb delinquents. How effective are these laws? While juveniles have been charged as adults, many believe that the law aims at preventing offenders from joining the public. Research indicates that most of these juveniles who are tried as adults never become violent criminals (Cullen & Gendreau, n.d). This raises the question of the effectiveness of these laws. Alternative programs like The Balanced and Restorative Justice (BARJ) and Boot Camps have been proposed to effectively deal with juvenile delinquents as they make an emphasis on youths becoming responsible of their actions. Although school-based programs have been successful in dealing with juvenile delinquents, delinquency laws have not been effective but liberal. 



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