Student Government

This essay gives the admissions committee an insight into my personal character and intellect. Basically, it intends to create a perfect first impression in my pursuit for an opportunity to participate in this year’s Wake Forest Academic Committee of Student Government. This group has invited expert students to become teachers of non-credit classes in the Wake Forest Experimental College. In this regard, I intend to use this essay to provide them with the title of a course that I could teach my peers. This choice, if properly supported with concrete argument, would certainly earn me a chance to participate in this activity (Hersey and Blanchard, 1972).ss my desires to participate in this year’s Wake Forest Academic Committee of Student Government. Having received an invitation as an expert student to become a teacher of non-credit classes in the Wake Forest Experimental College, I wish to provide a title of a course that I would teach my peers. Admittedly, I wish to present on the topic of leadership and ethics. This is a topic that is often ignored due to the fact that it takes personal conviction to practice it in entirety. However, I think that there is a greater danger in ignoring it because the current crop of students make up the entire composition of our future leadership. This means that we greatly compromise the quality of our leadership be ignoring issues of ethics and leadership (House, 2004).

I believe that I qualify to present on this topic due to my good record as a faculty representative in my college during the last academic year. In fact, the fact that I was able to strike a balance between my academics and the leadership role would certainly motivate students to willingly take up leadership roles. My conviction to take leadership seriously was the desperate feeling that several things were not happening to the students, and that no one would make them happen if we did not step in. For instance, a clear disconnection between students and their lecturers was clear from the number of indiscipline cases that arose in the past. In my presentation, I would urge my peers to emulate the character of historical figures like President J.F. Kennedy and President Abraham Lincoln who believed that we can always do whatever we put our hands to. In the current political landscape, I would use the example of Reverend Jesse Jackson due to the fact that he has always provided leadership even though he does not hold an official political position. In addition, I would tell the panel that honesty, hard work, a balance between academics and leadership, integrity and friendships have been some of the most exciting things in the pursuit of excellence. In addition, peer pressure, family issues as well as adolescence remain some of the greatest challenges to students. In light of these facts, I would urge the panel to ask the next applicants how they would influence their peers to take up an active role in leadership (Hersey and Blanchard, 1972).

In conclusion, my admission paper basically intends to give an insight into my character and intellect. In addition, it tries to showcase my mastery of the topic that I wish to present on. This would certainly earn to a chance into the college activity.

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