Goals of Multicultural Education

Multicultural education refers to a process of reforming the educational systems by using student centered ideas (Banks, 1997). It seeks to create a balance in the distribution of opportunities in the education sector to all students, irrespective of gender, ethnic background or personal views and beliefs. It gives credence to the diverse cultures and traditions that exist in contemporary society. Banks (1997) has developed some goals of multicultural education. I consider that the most important goals of multicultural education are content integration and the knowledge construction process (Banks, 1997).

Content integration refers to the use of examples and learning materials from the different cultures that coexist in a school. This applies in cases where teachers may directly engage their students in the learning process by asking them to clarify certain aspects in relation to their cultures or beliefs. The learning system becomes stimulating, and eventually students start appreciating the cultural array it presents.

Prejudice reduction refers to a method of encouraging students to learn to respect other races, cultures and religions.The role of teachers in this process is to assist students by guiding them on how to embrace other cultures that may occur in their midst. It calls for change of attitude and respect for others. The students also find it easy to interact with the staff.

Many schools have adopted these goals of multicultural education. The Indianapolis public schools do operate under these guidelines. It is clearly evident in all their policy statement. They strive to ensure that there is the understanding, admiration and respect for the different races and cultures that exist under the same school roof. They are open to determine how racism affects the acceptance of the differences that exist in schools (Banks, 1997). It is wise for all educational organizations to incorporate multicultural education. It reduces racial discrimination and allows for cultural diversity. It facilitates an effective and fruitful study environment.



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