Problem Based Learning

Problem Based learning is a technique of learning that involves giving students a problem that is out of normal teaching or lectures (Nilson, 2010). Basically, students are always put into groups, and a problem presented to them. In this respect, students will be able to research more about the problem since they are not equipped with the content regarding the problem. Consequently, student will be devoted and committed to search for necessary contents and materials that may enable them to solve the problem. In this technique of learning, teacher only facilitates the learning process rather than help students to get the solutions to the problem. For instance, teacher may present a problem such as the case of unusual pregnancy. In this case, students should brainstorm the various concepts associated with reproduction and female physiology. Subsequently, they should come up with the entire relevant hypothesis that may lead to the solution.

Generally, in problem based learning, students need to follow some necessary steps. First, they should explore the issue in order to identify the significant aspects. Second, students need to list what they know about the problem. Third, students should try to come up with their own problem statement. Fourth, all the possible solutions should be written down. Students should then narrow their choices of possible solutions. Lastly, the remaining solutions should be tested and eliminate the undesirable solution. In this case, if all of the solutions prove to be undesirable, group should begin the process again.

In conclusion, the problem based learning may enable the students of my class to evaluate their knowledge and to discover what they haven’t learnt. Moreover, it may enable us to be creative thus be in a position to achieve the best performance in groups. It also helps us to practice the skills that we may apply after our education.

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